JARRYD Roughead will have a scan in four weeks to determine how he progresses with his treatment for cancer.

The 29-year-old had a PCL reconstruction earlier this year before four cancerous spots were discovered on his lungs in May, after spreading from a melanoma that was discovered on his lip last season.

Speaking on Triple M on Saturday, Roughead said he was eight weeks through the planned 12-month course of immunotherapy treatment he is undertaking.

"The first 12 weeks, a couple of drugs go in, then after that there's one for the next nine months. At the moment it's every three weeks, and then I think it goes to every two weeks," he said.

"We'll have another scan at the 12-week mark and see where it's all that, and hopefully we'll make some decisions after that.

"It is the immune-based (drug), so it can get you in different ways. There are little side-effects here and there, but you deal with them and it's not affecting me too much."

Roughead can train in the gym but his running has been limited for about six weeks.

"(It's a) bit frustrating, because that's all you've known for 12 years. Your routine's training everyday and when that's taken away, a bit of a release is taken away," he said.

"(It) makes it tough, but when you get to hang out with the boys everyday, that makes it a bit better."

The last two weeks have been positive for Roughead, in terms of how he has felt.

"I've had a bit of an up-and-down patch over the past two months, but I think that was to be expected," he said.

"Obviously went away for that little bit (to the US), came back, and I've had two treatments since then.

"You go through some ups and downs but the last couple of weeks have been pretty good. I've been able to get back out to the footy club a bit more and start doing some things that I haven't been able to do."