GEELONG champion Gary Ablett could again be looked by the Match Review Officer for an incident involving North's Sam Wright on Sunday, but coach Chris Scott disagreed with the view it was similar to the one involving Dylan Shiel last week.

Ablett attempted to prevent Wright from running on to receive by applying a body check, but the umpire paid a free kick against the Cats star for a high hit.

GAZ CLEAR Ablett wins appeal, but still has to pay

No report was laid at the time, although MRO Michael Christian could assess whether the contact made was forceful enough to constitute a report.

Roos Robbie Tarrant and Kayne Turner were quick to remonstrate with Ablett for the action following the free kick being paid.

"I disagree with you, I didn't think it looked (similar) at all," Scott said in response to a question about comparing the Shiel and Wright incidents.

"Have a look at the chart, back your opinion around what constitutes a reportable offence and significant contact and then go from there.

But I'd be surprised, unless you're keen on making it a bigger issue than what it is, that you'd come to the conclusion that he'd anything to worry about.

Scott said it was incumbent on coaches from AFL clubs to instruct their players on the technique involved in delivering a successful body check.

Ablett received a one-match suspension for a high shot on Bomber Dylan Shiel last Sunday, before the Cats successfully appealed the incident at the AFL Tribunal.

"Across the competition for a long period of time, I'm talking 10 years at least, most clubs have coached making sure you block the runner to make sure he doesn’t get the overlap handball," Scott said.

"That's good technique, as long as you get them in the chest.

"As soon as it pops up a little bit and the contact is near the head then you're in dangerous territory.

"So maybe we all need to rethink the technique when it comes to blocking the runner. Because it is clear that the MRO have decided anything like a raised forearm usually results in an intentional classification.

"But I think the emphasis there is on 'usually', he's not compelled at all, if I read his explanation properly."

After escaping suspension last week, Ablett ensured that he maintained a clear career record from the AFL Tribunal and Match Review Officer.

The star Cat booted four goals in an influential display in Geelong's 24-point win over the Roos.