COLLINGWOOD will enter the Grand Final with a more loaded team than West Coast.

That's not an opinion, but is based on an analysis of the Schick AFL Player Ratings, which consider an individual's past 40 matches over a rolling two-year period to determine their ranking within the game. 

Breaking down each outfit, the Pies will have eight of the top-100 ranked players in the League run out on to the MCG, compared to the Eagles' five.

MEGA-PREVIEW Eagles v Magpies

That's not even taking into account Jordan De Goey (No.101) and Brayden Sier (No.464), whose rankings would be adjusted to No.78 and No.100 respectively if they had each recorded 40 matches since the opening round of last season. 

Refining the measure to look at top-50 players and again the Magpies hold sway, this time 6-3. 

Furthermore, they have more men entering the decider in peak form. Nine Collingwood players are in the midst of career-best campaigns, compared to six for West Coast. 

Take a look below to see where all 44 who have been named for the decider are ranked in the competition.

1 (4)COLLBrodie Grundy
2 (16)COLLScott Pendlebury
3 (20)COLLAdam Treloar
4 (22)WCEJeremy McGovern
5 (25)COLLSteele Sidebottom
6 (32)WCELuke Shuey
7 (34)COLLTaylor Adams
8 (35)WCEElliot Yeo
9 (42)COLLJack Crisp
10 (61)COLLJeremy Howe
11 (66)WCEShannon Hurn
12 (79)COLLTom Phillips
13 (95)WCEJosh Kennedy
14 (101)COLLJordan De Goey
15 (115)WCEJack Redden
16 (121)WCEJack Darling
17 (126)COLLJosh Thomas
18 (140)COLLWill Hoskin-Elliott
19 (144)WCETom Barrass
20 (160)WCEDom Sheed
21 (176)WCEJamie Cripps
22 (183)WCEMark LeCras
23 (202)COLLTom Langdon
24 (204)COLLBrayden Maynard
25 (254)COLLMason Cox
26 (262)WCELewis Jetta
27 (277)WCELiam Duggan
28 (280)WCEChris Masten
29 (281)WCENathan Vardy
30 (303)COLLTravis Varcoe
31 (311)WCEScott Lycett
32 (336)COLLTyson Goldsack
33 (352)WCEWillie Rioli
34 (354)COLLJaidyn Stephenson
35 (369)WCEMark Hutchings
36 (381)COLLLevi Greenwood
37 (406)COLLChris Mayne
38 (411)WCETom Cole
39 (438)WCEWill Schofield
40 (442)COLLJames Aish
41 (446)COLLBrody Mihocek
42 (464)COLLBrayden Sier
43 (465)WCELiam Ryan
44 (511)WCEDaniel Venables