THE BLOCKBUSTER preliminary final clash between Richmond and Collingwood will feature more of the top-100 players in the competition than any other game in this finals series so far. 

Looking at the Schick AFL Player Ratings, which are compiled by Champion Data and consider an individual's past 40 matches over a rolling two-year period to assess performance, 16 of those who run on to the MCG on Friday night will be ranked in the top 90. 

To put that into context, next best on the list is the qualifying final that saw the Tigers beat Hawthorn, with 15 in the top 100. 

Richmond will be led by the AFL's No.1 player in Dustin Martin, while the Magpies will hope their ruckman Brodie Grundy, who is ranked fifth, can dominate Toby Nankervis (No.63).

1 (1)RICHDustin Martin
2 (5)COLLBrodie Grundy
3 (13)COLLScott Pendlebury
4 (18)RICHShane Edwards
5 (19)COLLAdam Treloar
6 (27)COLLSteele Sidebottom
7 (40)RICHJack Riewoldt
8 (41)RICHTrent Cotchin
9 (44)COLLTaylor Adams
10 (45)RICHKane Lambert
11 (49)COLLJack Crisp
12 (55)COLLJeremy Howe
13 (56)RICHAlex Rance
14 (63)RICHToby Nankervis
15 (80)COLLTom Phillips
16 (87)RICHJosh Caddy
17 (104)RICHDion Prestia
18 (113)COLLJordan De Goey
19 (134)COLLJosh Thomas
20 (139)COLLWill Hoskin-Elliott
21 (160)RICHNick Vlastuin
22 (180)RICHJayden Short
23 (197)RICHDan Butler
24 (202)COLLBrayden Maynard
25 (212)COLLTom Langdon
26 (223)RICHBrandon Ellis
27 (226)RICHDylan Grimes
28 (232)RICHDaniel Rioli
29 (245)RICHBachar Houli
30 (253)RICHShaun Grigg
31 (282)RICHKamdyn McIntosh
32 (288)COLLMason Cox
33 (292)RICHDavid Astbury
34 (312)COLLTravis Varcoe
35 (344)RICHJason Castagna
36 (351)COLLTyson Goldsack
37 (365)RICHJack Graham
38 (367)COLLJaidyn Stephenson
39 (388)COLLLevi Greenwood
40 (389)RICHJack Higgins
41 (390)RICHNathan Broad
42 (406)RICHReece Conca
43 (417)COLLChris Mayne
44 (446)COLLJames Aish