Who they picked: 6. Fischer McAsey (Sandringham Dragons), 24. Harry Schoenberg (Woodville-West Torrens), 28. Josh Worrell (Sandringham Dragons), 42. Ronin O'Connor (Claremont), 48. Lachlan Gollant (Calder Cannons)

CROWS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "Josh was the one that was just too good to refuse. He played forward, back and wing throughout the season, he was one of Vic Metro's best players. The industry probably says he's the most versatile tall athlete in the draft, so we were stoked to get him." – Adelaide recruiting manager Hamish Ogilvie on Josh Worrell

Verdict: The Crows got a balanced crop with their five picks as they continue to transition their list. They opted for the best key-position player in the draft with their first selection, taking versatile 195cm prospect McAsey with pick No.6. He will most likely fit into their backline following the departure of Alex Keath, but he can also move forward and could be seen as a long-term partner for Darcy Fogarty. Fellow versatile tall Worrell, another who can play at either end at 195cm but is perhaps best suited as a defender, joined him later in the draft. The Crows snared Schoenberg in between those picks, with the local midfielder a highly rated prospect who has clean hands at stoppages, and added to him with 191cm contested specialist O'Connor later in the second round. Raw wingman Gollant was claimed with pick No.48. He can play in a variety of roles on the outside but may need some time to develop. - Riley Beveridge

The Crows took Fischer McAsey with their first selection. Picture: AFL Photos

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Who they picked: 22. Deven Robertson (Perth), 33. Brock Smith (Gippsland Power), 37. Keidean Coleman (Brisbane Lions Academy), 59. Jaxon Prior (West Perth)

LIONS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "(Deven Robertson's) been an outstanding junior player for three years, really. We've monitored him all along. It's a difficult one with that first selection on the second night. We ummed and ahhed about staying behind Port Adelaide but there seemed to be a bit going on, so we just got in there (with the pick swap) and got Dev." - Brisbane recruiting manager Stephen Conole

Verdict: The Lions waited overnight to enter the draft and did so by paying a hefty price to move up one selection on the second night and grab Larke Medal winner Robertson. He was perhaps the unluckiest player not to be drafted in the first round. He is a ready-made midfielder who will fit in nicely alongside a promising and developing onball group at the Gabba. Smith, a tough small defender, was next for the Lions at pick No.33. They were surprised to match a bid on Academy prospect Coleman at pick No.37 after the Bombers forced their hand, trading later selections to ensure they had enough points to secure the 19-year-old small forward. Having then been forced to pass up on a couple of other Academy prospects, the Lions finished their draft with Prior at pick No.59. The West Australian, who is the son of former Essendon and West Coast player Michael Prior, is an intercepting defender at 188cm and has clean hands above his head. - Riley Beveridge

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Who they picked: 17. Brodie Kemp (Bendigo Pioneers), 20. Sam Philp (Northern Knights), 47. Sam Ramsay (Calder Cannons)

BLUES' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "Most clubs are always trying to get up the order, but having said that, we thought we could trade back and get the player that we wanted. We were able to do that. With a few other little manoeuvres, we were able to get two picks in the top-20 and we ended up with Brodie Kemp and Sam Philp." - Carlton list manager Stephen Silvagni

Verdict: It was a draft where the Blues ultimately strengthened a young and developing midfield group. Realising they wouldn't get one of their top-three targets at pick No.9, the Blues completed a pair of cunning trades to nab multiple first-round selections. They had versatile big-bodied utility Kemp in their sights at pick No.9, but ultimately moved back in the order to snare him with pick No.17. The 192cm marking option can play at either end of the field, but will miss most of season 2020 after rupturing his ACL earlier this year. Having secured another first-round pick, they then jumped the queue to grab the draft's biggest bolter in Philp with pick No.20. He will add much-needed speed to their midfield stocks. The club has long had its eyes on tough onballer Ramsay and leapt at the chance to finish its draft by recruiting him later with pick No.47. - Riley Beveridge

BLUES RIGHT IN IT Bids, trades and two first round picks

Brodie Kemp was always in the Blues' sights. Picture: AFL Photos


Who they picked: 40. Jay Rantall (Greater Western Victoria Rebels), 45. Trent Bianco (Oakleigh Chargers), 55. Trey Ruscoe (East Fremantle)

MAGPIES' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "He's an elite user off half-back and he'll potentially come off a wing and go through the midfield in time. He's probably a better kick than Steele (Sidebottom). Clearly he'd be in the top three or four users by foot in this year's draft – (that's) where we rate him anyway. The thing that swung us Trent's way was the way that he improved, particularly in the (NAB League) finals when he took his game to another level, particularly the latter two finals where he received a lot of physical treatment." – Collingwood national recruiting manager Derek Hine on Trent Bianco

Verdict: The Pies had to wait until pick No.40 to start their draft, but would have been rapt to lock away Rantall when they eventually did. The running man was a talented junior basketball who broke the all-time record in the 2km time trial at the NAB AFL Draft Combine earlier this year. His footy skills have improved out of sight this season, but it's his endurance that is his biggest strength. Bianco, a mad Pies fan, was granted his biggest wish when he arrived at pick No.45. He'll add plenty of outside class for the club with his fantastic kicking ability, particularly off half-back. That was a win/win for both parties, given the Magpies' drastic need for nice users out of the backline. Realising a need to secure depth in key-position areas, the Pies nabbed Ruscoe at pick No.55. The West Australian is a 190cm talent, who will likely start his career as a lockdown defender. - Riley Beveridge


Who they picked: 30. Harrison Jones (Calder Cannons), 38. Nick Bryan (Oakleigh Chargers), 56. Ned Cahill (Dandenong Stingrays), 63. Lachlan Johnson (Oakleigh Chargers)

BOMBERS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "We know (Jones is) going to take time. He's 197cm, he's very light at the moment. He's going to be a three- or four-year project before he reaches his potential but he's got massive motor, he's a local boy, barracks for the Bombers which is great, and we think he's got a huge future. There's a bit of Charlie Curnow about him. He just gets up the deck and keeps running." - Essendon recruiting manager Adrian Dodoro

Verdict: Essendon clearly went into the draft keen to add to its tall stocks. It moved up the board to grab Jones, who had slipped a little further down the order than first imagined but had his fans earlier in the second round. He is a tall, athletic forward from the Calder Cannons. They need to plan for a life potentially without Joe Daniher at the club after this year. The Bombers then grabbed ruckman Nick Bryan with their next pick, after their bid on Brisbane Academy prospect Keidean Coleman failed, highlighting their need to grow its ruck department long-term as Tom Bellchambers reaches the latter stages of his career. At the other end of the scale, the Bombers clearly wanted to get another goalkicker in the ranks. Cahill is a small forward with great gut-running ability and capacity to get up the ground. They finished their night by taking Johnson, who had been nominated as a father-son rookie to Brisbane where his father Chris is a former champion. But the Bombers swooped on Johnson, who will spend next year recovering from a knee reconstruction. - Callum Twomey

Harrison Jones grew up a Bombers fan. Picture: AFL Photos


Who they picked: 7. Hayden Young (Dandenong Stingrays), 8. Caleb Serong (Gippsland Power), 9. Liam Henry (Claremont), 61. Minairo Frederick (Woodville-West Torrens)

DOCKERS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "Obviously three top-10 picks doesn't happen too often, and they're each very unique players as well. Hayden addresses a need across half-back for us and is an exceptional kick, as everyone's identified, Caleb will become a really competitive inside midfielder ... and Liam's a player with great balance." - Fremantle football manager Peter Bell

Verdict: Freo had to nail this draft and did. Young brings the Dockers genuine class and poise out of defence, and he's an intercept star in the back half. Watch for him and Luke Ryan to do some damage in the air. Serong is an inside midfielder who will help the Dockers prepare for life after David Mundy in coming seasons, with the Gippsland Power product teaming with Vic Country teammate Young in his move west. The Dockers would have hoped a bid for NGA product Henry wouldn't come until deeper into the first round so they didn't have to push back their first-round pick next year, but the net result of getting in three top-10 choices and a mix of players – a half-back kicker, inside ball-getter and a silky half-forward – will be a big part of their future. Freo finished their draft with a surprise by grabbing Frederick, a running wingman/forward who is the twin brother of Martin on Port Adelaide's list. Has pace and run and carry, and likes to push forward and hit the scoreboard. - Callum Twomey

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Caleb Serong, Hayden Young and Liam Henry (l to r) get to know each other. Picture: AFL Photos


Who they picked: 16. Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons), 19. Sam De Koning (Dandenong Stingrays), 41. Francis Evans (Calder Cannons), 50. Cameron Taheny (Norwood)

CATS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "I went to a game where Francis was playing at North Old Boys earlier in the year and soon after that he was recruited into the Calder Cannons before he got injured. If we hadn't seen him play senior football early in the year it would've been hard to pick him." - Geelong recruiting boss Stephen Wells on Francis Evans

Verdict: Holding three early picks, the Cats started their draft by opting for big-bodied inside midfielder and local Geelong Falcons prospect Stephens with pick No.16. He'll add grunt in the contest and has plenty of upside, given he missed the large majority of season 2019 due to a broken leg. Needing to bolster their key-position stocks, they then added athletic 200cm defender De Koning with their next selection on the first night. He might be raw, but he's quick and impressive overhead and will be seen as a long-term replacement for Harry Taylor. They traded out of the early stages of the draft on the second night, doing so to secure the Suns' prized future pick No.11 that came via their assistance package from the AFL. When they eventually re-entered the draft, they sprung one of the second round's biggest shocks by taking Evans – a 182cm forward who played only two NAB League games this season – with pick No.41. He could one day be joined in the Cats forward line by Taheny, an exciting attacking prospect out of South Australia, who was claimed later in the draft. - Riley Beveridge

Cooper Stephens and Sam De Koning were the Cats' two first-round selections. Picture: AFL Photos


Who they picked: 1. Matt Rowell (Oakleigh Chargers), 2. Noah Anderson (Oakleigh Chargers), 11. Sam Flanders (Gippsland Power), 27. Jeremy Sharp (East Fremantle), 60. Jy Farrar (Scotch OC)

SUNS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "We really rated Jeremy (Sharp). Going into last night (Wednesday) we would have selected him at 15, but we did that trade to come down and select Sam Flanders. Jeremy got through the first round and we did a bit of work on where he might end up. (He) rounded out the midfield mix. He's an elite outside runner, he's got a booming kick." – Gold Coast list manager Craig Cameron

Verdict: The Suns had known for plenty of time they would get the two best midfielders in the land at the top of the draft with Rowell and Anderson. The pair will be in Gold Coast's round one side next year (barring injury) and will have an impact as soon as they land at the club in the next few days. Where the Suns did brilliantly was with Flanders, who perfectly complements the hard, tough and consistent Rowell and Anderson, with his pizzazz in the midfield and spark in the forward half. Gold Coast's decision to trade its third and fourth picks to Carlton to move up and grab Flanders, who they rated highly, was a great move. The Suns kept busy, though, by trading their No.11 pick in next year's draft, which was part of the concession package from the AFL, to grab Geelong's pick No.27 to take runner Sharp. They prioritised his outside run. Farrar was a surprise but at 23 the utility will hope to have an impact early. - Callum Twomey

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Who they picked: 4. Lachlan Ash (Murray Bushrangers), 10. Tom Green (Marist/GWS Academy), 51. Jake Riccardi, 65. Thomas Hutchesson 

GIANTS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "When you draft a 23, 24-year old, I think you've got to have that mindset that they're going to be competing for a spot early on. Tom's definitely that, we're not drafting him thinking he'll play in two or three years, we want him to be part of our depth next year. If he's good enough to jump our small forwards who are there, fantastic." - GWS national recruiting manager Adrian Caruso on Thomas Hutchesson

Verdict: The Giants have been craving speed off half-back. They weighed up Ash against Hayden Young's kicking and overhead marking and went with the blitz and speed of the Murray Bushrangers star. Ash will be a long-term option in that area of the ground for the Giants, being a replacement for Heath Shaw, who will enter his likely last year with the club. Green isn't what the Giants are crying out for – they have an abundance of inside midfielders – but he's a special talent and they add two more of those to a Grand Final list. The Giants have had success with mature-age picks in recent years, including Daniel Lloyd, Lachie Keeffe and Zac Langdon, and went with another with VFL rising star Riccardi, a marking forward before closing out with 24-year-old Hutchesson. Hutchesson has speed, toughness and agility, and is ready as a back-up in the midfield. - Callum Twomey


Who they picked: 13. Will Day (West Adelaide), 29. Finn Maginness (Sandringham Dragons), 57. Josh Morris (Woodville-West Torrens)

HAWKS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "A lot of the time we will just go for our talent order, so obviously (defender) Will Day comes as a very strong player from South Australia, Josh Morris as well comes in as a versatile forward who can push up the ground a little bit, he's very raw in his football at the moment … then obviously Finn, as an inside midfielder with great run, so he can play a couple of different positions as well. Great sizes, all three are around that 186-189cm, so we're looking forward to getting them in." - Hawthorn national recruiting manager Mark McKenzie

Verdict: The Hawks weighed up some different options with their top selection but in the end went with Day, a half-back who will be given time to develop. After recruiting Jack Scrimshaw last year from Gold Coast, the Hawks now have their young rebounders sorted for the long-term. Maginness was always heading to the Hawks, and they were fortunate a bid came later than it probably should have – they matched at their second choice to bring in another inside midfielder. It's not necessarily a need given the presence of James Worpel, Jaeger O'Meara and return of Tom Mitchell next season, but Maginness is a clearance gun and star runner. The Hawks considered a medium forward with their top choice but ended up getting one with their last, grabbing the mobile Morris. - Callum Twomey

The Hawks saw plenty in Will Day's Combine testing. Picture: AFL Photos


Who they picked: 3. Luke Jackson (East Fremantle), 12. Kysaiah Pickett (Woodville West Torrens), 32. Trent Rivers (East Fremantle) 

DEMONS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "There's a little bit more to 'Kosi' than that (clip of him bumping an opponent). There's a lot of class about him and sure, he brings that (aggression), and that's fantastic, but when he's played just as a genuine forward, he hits the scoreboard regularly and that's the exciting part about him. I can't wait for him to get into the club and get to work, because his athletic profile (is excellent) – he's got elite agility, elite speed and really sound endurance – so I think we're just scratching the surface with Kysaiah." – Melbourne national recruiting manager Jason Taylor

Verdict: Melbourne bucked the trend of this decade by taking a ruckman so early. But the Dees see Jackson as playing all over the ground – in the forward half and even potentially as a big, athletic midfielder – and long-term being a dominant ruck of the competition. He will be ready to take over the full-time mantle as Max Gawn comes to the end of his career in a handful of years. The Dees bought another pick in this year's first round to target a small forward, eventually deciding on Pickett over Cody Weightman. He will be a first-choice small goalkicker for them next year given they have none like him on their list. Trading back from No.8 to 10 in the lead-up to the draft saw the club add a second-round pick, which it used on Rivers. The Dees were pleased to get the All-Australian half-back at No.32, joining fellow WA prospect Jackson at the club. - Callum Twomey

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The highs and lows. Simon Goodwin welcomes Kysaiah Pickett and Luke Jackson to the Demons. Picture: AFL Photos


Who they picked: 31. Charlie Comben (Gippsland Power), 34. Jack Mahony (Sandringham Dragons), 35. Flynn Perez (Bendigo Pioneers)

ROOS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "We felt the draft was really even and it gave us a great opportunity to pick a few different types. To pick a tall (Charlie Comben), (then) we've got Flynn (Perez) who can play a bit of half-back and wing, then Jack Mahony can play multiple roles, we think they're really versatile players for us." - North Melbourne national recruiting manager Mark Finnigan

Verdict: In an even draft, the Roos approached it wanting to bolster different areas: key-position depth, small forward depth and speed. Tick, tick, tick. The Roos' first pick ended up being Comben, a ruck/forward who has sticky hands and a lot of upside. Todd Goldstein has a stranglehold on the ruck role at North for some time, but Comben can develop as a forward, with the cupboard not full of tall targets in attack. North moved back a spot down the order and got a future second-round pick for the swap, which was a great result, before drafting Comben. Mahony shapes as a clever and crafty small forward with tidy skills, while Perez's pace and ball use off half-back made him an appealing option for the Roos. With three picks within five selections, the Roos were able to target the trio and confidently land who they wanted at this stage of the pool. - Callum Twomey


Who they picked: 14. Miles Bergman (Sandringham Dragons), 18. Mitch Georgiades (Subiaco), 23. Dylan Williams (Oakleigh Chargers), 25. Jackson Mead (Woodville West Torrens)

POWER'S DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "We targeted (Williams). He's another forward, so that's three plus Jackson Mead. We tried to increase our scoring capacity. (Williams) is a talented player. They're all different types of forwards so that makes it more flexible. It adds to the young boys we brought in last year as well (and) hopefully they can grow together and be long-term players for us." – Port Adelaide recruiting manager Geoff Parker

Verdict: The Power approached the draft as being a sum of its parts – it attacked its first-round picks with a view on the mix of players it would bring in. In the end it went with high potential picks Bergman and Georgiades. Bergman projects as an attacking, running wingman, while Georgiades was a surprise at this spot but had other fans in the region. The West Australian is a powerful, lead-up forward who can add another dimension to their forward half. They clearly prioritised players with speed and flair, with Williams all that and more with their third selection at the beginning of the second round. The Oakleigh Chargers goalkicker does things that others can't. The Power's decision to move their third pick up the order to get ahead of the bid for father-son Mead was vindicated when Sydney placed a bid on the half-forward at No.25, which rounded out Port's draft. After last year's draft bonanza, Port again held a big hand. - Callum Twomey

Port Adelaide snapped up forward Dylan Williams at pick 23. Picture: AFL Photos


Who they picked: 21. Thomson Dow (Bendigo Pioneers), 43. Noah Cumberland (Brisbane Lions Academy), 44. William Martyn (Brisbane Lions Academy), 46. Hugo Ralphsmith (Sandringham Dragons), 54. Bigoa Nyuon (Dandenong Stingrays)

TIGERS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "Why not? That's what we're paid to do. We never sit at the start of the night planning to bid on a player, we have a ranking and if they come up at our picks and they're still available, we're paid to pick the best players for the Richmond footy club. If they're our picks, we bid, and if it's matched, we go to the next one on the board. It's pretty clear-cut for us." - Richmond national recruiting manager Matthew Clarke on bidding on Academy players

Verdict: It was a draft littered with bids for the reigning premiers. But before they came, the Tigers were after a versatile midfielder and secured that with Dow to end the draft's first round. He's athletic and explosive, with his burst out of stoppage a real asset. However, he's still raw and may take time to develop and improve upon his consistency. From there, it turned into a bidding fest on the second night. The Tigers had two successive picks to end the second round and used them to snare a pair of Lions Academy players in Cumberland, a smooth-moving 183cm forward, and Martyn, a prolific 183cm midfielder. The Tigers won access to both of those players after the Lions passed up the opportunity to match bids on either. Later, it forced the Saints' hand on Nyuon, with the versatile and athletic 195cm prospect also being passed on. He might find his role in the ruck at Punt Road, but can also swing into either line. In among that, it secured Ralphsmith, an elite endurance athlete who will add plenty on a wing in years to come. - Riley Beveridge

Reigning premier Richmond added Thomson Dow to their midfield stocks. Picture: AFL Photos


Who they picked: 52. Ryan Byrnes (Sandringham Dragons), 64. Leo Connolly (Gippsland Power) 

SAINTS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "Good speed and agility, wins a lot of the ball in and around the contest but also can really spread. He was a pretty consistent performer over the year at NAB League level and his combine was really strong. He's a great kid, captain of Sandy Dragons, best and fairest winner, put all that together and we were pretty happy to get him where we did." – St Kilda recruiting manager Chris Liberatore on Ryan Byrnes

Verdict: It was a long wait before the Saints got into the action on Thursday night, and then they didn't have much work to do. St Kilda left with two new faces deep into the draft, grabbing Byrnes to add to their midfield stocks. He's a handy player with strong clearance work around the ball and as someone who can help others around him. He was a standout for the Sandringham Dragons throughout the season. Connolly is a versatile midfielder who can also play as a flanker at both ends of the ground. - Callum Twomey


Who they picked: 5. Dylan Stephens (Norwood), 26. Will Gould (Glenelg), 36. Elijah Taylor (Perth), 39. Chad Warner (East Fremantle)

SWANS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club’s newest players

What the club says: "I know some people are asking why we didn't bid for Tom Green (at pick No.5) … to a degree, we feel that at that selection we're obliged to take a player that we want. That's what we did. It's up to other people to make their assessments on whether Tom Green should have gone at five, but in our case we didn't think so. We had Dylan Stephens rated before him. It's as simple as that." – Sydney list manager Kinnear Beatson

Verdict: With four picks inside the top 40, the Swans got a nice mix of ready-made talent and long-term prospects. They were always likely to bolster their midfield stocks with pick No.5 and elected for talented South Australian prospect Stephens with that selection. He can add outside run via his elite speed and endurance, complementing inside bulls like Josh Kennedy and Luke Parker. The Swans then jumped ahead of the queue on the second night to nab strong defender Gould, who is incredibly well built and ready for senior footy at 191cm and 98kg. His kicking ability off half-back alongside Jordan Dawson would certainly excite coach John Longmire. They proved the side willing to take a punt on Taylor later in the second round, who is a mercurial product who will likely start his career forward. Having already claimed Stephens on the first night, the Swans then added to their midfield stocks with hardened onballer Warner later in the draft. - Riley Beveridge


Who they picked: 49. Callum Jamieson (Claremont), 58. Ben Johnson (West Perth)

EAGLES' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club’s newest players

What the club says: "With the young rucks, we want to give them some time, three or four years to grow into themselves and their body, get used to playing against bigger bodies at a higher level. The timing's right to bring into another young ruckman (with Naitanui, Vardy and Hickey on the list)." - West Coast national recruiting manager Rohan O’Brien on Callum Jamieson

Verdict: The Eagles gave up a lot to secure Tim Kelly during the Trade Period and therefore didn't have much to play with at the draft. However, they would still be rapt to grab two local products. Having waited until pick No.49 to start the draft, it didn't take long for them to pounce on Jamieson. The local ruckman from Claremont, who stands at 200cm, finds a lot of footy for a big man but can also go forward and take a mark close to goal. Given the speed at which the Eagles called his name, perhaps he's a player they long had their eyes on. A few picks later, they paired him with fellow West Australian prospect Johnson, who is a speedy half-back with a long and penetrating kick out of defence. - Riley Beveridge


Who they picked: 15. Cody Weightman (Dandenong Stingrays), 53. Louis Butler (Sandringham Dragons), 62. Riley Garcia (Swan Districts)

DOGS' DRAFT HAUL Highlights and bios of your club's newest players

What the club says: "We're really pleased, getting Cody Weightman last night, we were rapt to get him at that selection … he addresses a need, we were looking to bring a small forward in. He's got some attributes we probably lack a little bit in the front half of the ground and he'll really add to the mix we've got up there. Riley's a really strong character … he has the desire, he's got real hunger to make it, he'll give himself every chance." – Western Bulldogs general manager of list and recruiting Sam Power

Verdict: The Dogs wanted a classy forward to complement their developing attacking unit and got that with Weightman at pick No.15. The exciting small forward is just as good in the air as he is at ground level, with his leaping and marking ability a real highlight in his game. He'll fit in nicely at the feet of Aaron Naughton, Josh Bruce and Josh Schache. They had to wait a while until their next selection at pick No.53, but must have had Butler on their mind given how quickly they read his name out. The speedy half-back arrives at the club after a prolific season in the NAB League. The Dogs rounded out their draft with Garcia, who was one of the good-news stories of the second night after he ruptured his ACL earlier this year. He's a high-reward player who is undersized at 175cm, but can find the footy with ease. - Riley Beveridge

Cody Weightman is ready to get down to business. Picture: AFL Photos