YOU WOULD hope someone at Greater Western Sydney has a spare calculator.

They might need it during next week's NAB AFL Draft.

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The Giants face the sticky and complicated situation of going into the most significant Draft Value Index (DVI) deficit in the system's five years of existence, depending on where a bid is placed on their Academy gun Tom Green.

Rival clubs believe local foes Sydney – who holds pick No.5 in next week's draft – is the most likely team to call Green's name on Wednesday night, which would force GWS to find 1502 DVI points to match the bid.

However, after that particular selection, the Giants currently hold picks No.40, 59, 60, 80 and 94 later in the draft. Collectively, that equates to just 733 DVI points.

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It means that all of those picks would be shifted to the back end of the draft order, while the club would still need to find a further 769 DVI points the following season to match the bid for Green.

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While the numbers can be confusing, the bottom line is that it could leave the Giants facing the daunting prospect of starting next year's player movement period without a single pick until the third or potentially even the fourth round of the 2020 national draft.

That is in part due to the complicating factor that GWS traded its 2020 first-round selection in a deal with Adelaide on Tuesday in an effort to snare pick No.4 and potentially leapfrog a bid on Green.

Given AFL rules state that deficits must be first wiped from that particular club's own picks based on its ladder position, before picks traded in via elsewhere – provided it is in the same round of the draft – it means the Giants are looking at a potentially very late start next year.

Should it finish higher than 12th next season and not bring any further picks in – and subsequently hold fewer DVI points than the 769 it would owe – its second-round pick would be shifted towards the end of the draft.

Should it go as far as making the Grand Final again, its third-round selection would also likely disappear to the back of the queue under that particular scenario.

Those adjustments to the Giants' place within the draft order would be made before the exchange period begins, also potentially incurring trading implications.

Should all of these factors unfold and the Giants still want to start the draft before the fourth-round next season, it would therefore be forced to trade future picks to re-enter the draft – or trade players away to gain earlier selections.

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Despite all of this, the Giants would still fall some way short of reaching the maximum DVI deficit of 1723 points – which is the equivalent of the first four picks assigned to the premiers (picks No.18, 36, 54 and 72).

It's a convoluted situation that not many clubs have found themselves in before. But it's one the Giants would have undoubtedly had endless amounts of conversations about when structuring their upcoming draft plan.

And if it helps them land Green – a big-bodied midfield dynamo in the mould of Carlton superstar Patrick Cripps – then the complex mathematical problems it faced along the way would all be worthwhile.

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Draft value index
1. 300019. 94837. 48355. 20773. 9
2. 251720. 91238. 46556. 19474. -
3. 223421. 87839. 44657. 182 
4. 203422. 84540. 42958. 170 
5. 187823. 81541. 41259. 158 
6. 175124. 78542. 39560. 146 
7. 164425. 75643. 37861. 135 
8. 155126. 72944. 36262. 123 
9. 146927. 70345. 34763. 112 
10. 139528. 67746. 33164. 101 
11. 132929. 65347. 31665. 90 
12. 126830. 62948. 30266. 80 
13. 121231. 60649. 28767. 69 
14. 116132. 58450. 27368. 59 
15. 111233. 56351. 25969. 49 
16. 106734. 54252. 24670. 39 
17. 102535. 52253. 23371. 29 
18. 98536. 50254. 22072. 19