THREE members of the Rioli family have been included in the Northern Territory's top 40 footballers as the region narrows its list for its team of the century. 

The Northern Territory Government's AFLNT team of the century will be unveiled in September this year as selectors narrow down an extensive list of players from the past 100 years to have played in the Territory.

The group includes players who established careers in the AFL as well as local legends.

Last year's Norm Smith medallist Cyril Rioli and his uncle Maurice, who also won the Norm Smith Medal for Richmond in 1982, have been included in the list.

Cyril Rioli snr have also been named in the list of 40, having played for St Marys in the Northern Territory as well as South Fremantle in the WAFL.

Other AFL stars to feature in the top 40 are Essendon great Michael Long, Collingwood star Nathan Buckley, Port Adelaide premiership player Peter Burgoyne and Adelaide champion Andrew McLeod.

Central Australian and Richmond defender Joel Bowden also features in the list of 40, which was selected from the shortlist of 100 revealed in April.

Five men – John Taylor, Aldo Rossetto, Richard Taylor, Mark Motlop and George Liveris – are vying to be named coach of the century.

The selection committee is made up of Shaun Hardy, Lincoln Jenkin, Charlie King, Bennie (Walter) LewFatt, Grey Morris and Jenny Sinclair.

The final 22-man team will be announced at a function in September. 

THE TOP 40 (in alphabetical order)

Jimmy Anderson 1957-1969 Buffaloes

Michael Athanasiou 1981-2000 St Marys

Joe Bonson 1953-1968 Works & Housing

Joel Bowden 1994-2009 West Alice Springs

William Briston 1979-1991 Darwin/Pioneers

Nathan Buckley 1990-2007 Nightcliff/Southern Districts

Peter Burgoyne 1994-2010 St Marys

Ted Cooper 1955-1965 Wanderers

Reuben Cooper snr 1917-1939 Buffaloes

Joe Daby 1969-1982 Nightcliff

Bill Dempsey 1958-1975 Buffaloes

Dennis Dunn 1981-1999 St Marys/Tiwi

Cadji Dunn 1980-1995 St Marys/Tiwi/Pioneers

Michael Graham 1971-1987 St Marys

Jarred Ilett 1997-2016 St Marys

Cameron Ilett 2000-2016 St Marys

Russell Jeffrey 1985-1995 Wanderers

Edmund Johnston 1952-1969 St Marys/Tiwi

David Kantilla snr 1958-1972 St Marys/Tiwi

Gympie LewFatt 1964-2004 St Marys

Walter LewFatt 1930-1942 Buffaloes

Michael Long 1985-2001 St Marys/Tiwi/Pioneers

Noel Long 1982-2000 St Marys/Tiwi

Kelvin Maher 1990-2005 Southern Districts/South Alice Springs

Gilbert McAdam 1985-2000 South Alice Springs/Waratah

Michael McLean 1980-1996 Nightcliff

Andrew McLeod 1991-2011 Darwin

Mark Motlop 1975-2000 Nightcliff/Southern Districts/Wanderers

Henry Peckham 1946-1958 Pioneers/Wanderers

Mike Poulter 1960-1982 Waratah/Darwin

Ronald 'Barney' Quall 1970-1985 Darwin

Maurice Rioli 1974-1995 St Marys/Waratah/Tiwi

Cyril Rioli jnr 2005- current St Marys/Tiwi

Cyril Rioli snr 1982-2004 St Marys/Tiwi

Billy Roe 1951-1971 St Marys/Wanderers

Mathew Stokes 1999-currrent Palmerston

John Henry Tye 1968-1980 Nightcliff/Darwin

Iggy Vallejo 1997-current St Marys

Benny Vigona 1975-1986 St Marys/Tiwi

Darryl White 1992-2016 Pioneers/Southern Districts/St Marys/Darwin