AFL FANTASY Elite is the official draft game of the AFL. Unlike Fantasy Classic, every player is unique.

A league of coaches take it in turns to draft their squad made up of defenders, midfielders, rucks and forwards.

Once a player is taken, they are off the table and owned solely by the coach who signed them up. Following the draft and throughout the season, coaches can trade players between league members and sign free agents to help manage their squad.

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Coaches taking part in a Fantasy Elite draft need to have nerves of steel. Names are being thrown around all over the place, and there is pressure to make every pick count, in the limited selection time. Preparation is key.

This pre-season The Traders have been working overtime to bring keen participants an exclusive document to help on draft day, the 2016 AFL Fantasy Elite Draft Kit.

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Inside the 15 page PDF, our resident Fantasy experts provide advice drafting strategy, highlight sleepers, potential dual-position additions and how the first round is likely to pan out. 

The results of a mock draft involving some of the AFL Fantasy ambassadors like Scott Pendlebury and Rory Sloane along with experts from Fantasy HQ has been included as well as the all-important rankings.

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The Traders have ranked players by position to help coaches make the right choice as the live draft unfolds. 

The top 60 defenders, 90 midfielders, 20 rucks and 60 forwards have been ranked taking into account of their Fantasy history, durability, projected average and where Roy, Calvin and Warnie would take them in the draft.

These pages will be invaluable when it’s your selection in the draft.

League commissioners can create their league using the flexible settings on the official AFL Fantasy website by clicking on the Elite tab. 

The league size can range between eight and 20 coaches, squad size from as few as 15 players through to 30 and there are many options on how the game is played week-to-week to suit league members.

Settings for the live draft are also flexible. It can be set up as a live, auto or manual draft run by the commissioner. The snake drafting order is the most popular setting and the draft turn time can be adjusted from the defaulted 60 seconds.

So download The Traders' guide and get drafting! 

Download The Traders' complete Fantasy Elite Draft Kit here (4Mb PDF)