ESSENDON'S insurers have confirmed they will fund any appeal to the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, understands.

It's understood the club sought clarification to ensure such an appeal - from any of the 34 banned past and present Bombers - would be covered.

The AFL Players' Association and lawyers for the Essendon 34 have been in meetings to nut out the mechanics of a potential appeal, which was looking likely as of Friday afternoon.

The players' lawyers have until Wednesday to file paperwork with the Swiss judiciary.

"The players still have some time to weigh up the option of an appeal and we’ll be in a position to provide further detail once an outcome is reached," AFLPA chief executive Paul Marsh said on Friday.

"But fundamentally these players have a right to justice and to clearing their name.

"Should any of them decide to appeal, they are merely exercising their right to do so.

"This equally applies to every other player in the competition and the AFLPA advocates this right for all players and will support them.”

It is the only means to appeal the Court of Arbitration for Sport's decision suspend the players for 12 months, for breaching the World Anti-Doping Code.

The decision overturned the original ruling of the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal, which found the players not guilty of taking banned peptide Thymosin Beta-4.

Any hearing is likely to be conducted in French, and would likely not take place until later in the year.

Essendon had no comment on Friday afternoon.