RETIRING Brisbane Lions defender Daniel Merrett can't see skipper Tom Rockliff leaving the club at the end of the season.

He described Rockliff's effort in 2016 as unbelievable, given the challenges the club has faced on and off the field.

The Lions have won just three games for the season and had 10 losses by 10 goals or more during the year.

"Tom has been unbelievable. He has been under the pump a heap this year and I've admired the way he has toughed it out and I can't see him leaving," Merrett told SEN on Friday morning.

"One of the most stable things you can do is hang around, and your captain has to be strong and see it out."

Merrett said it has been tough to keep the spirit high with the players discouraged very easily and he would have loved the ability to motivate the group to provide a consistent, spirited effort every week.

He said the coach Justin Leppitsch was capable of coaching next season if the board decided to go in that direction after a review.

The club is expected to discuss the position on Monday after the final round.

"Whichever way it goes he has that resilience to keep going for sure," Merrett said.

Merrett, who will retire on Sunday after playing his 200th game, said he would never blame a player who wanted to go home as he only wanted teammates alongside him who wanted to be at the club.

"If guys don't want to be here I don't want that negativity hanging around. I just want guys who want to be here and have a passion for it," he said.