COLLINGWOOD coach Nathan Buckley has endorsed his assistants as Carlton looks for candidates to fill its coaching vacancy for 2016.

He said Robert Harvey, Scott Burns and Ben Hart had built good resumes, and while selfishly he would like to retain them he would also like to see them get an opportunity as senior coaches.     

"I'm rapt with our high quality character and acumen of our staff, not only with our coaching department but with our whole football program," Buckley said.

"We have got some coaches on the panel that have been able to put together a fair body of work and are doing fantastic work in here.

"I'll be talking in glowing terms about all of those guys, because I would love to see them get the opportunity in due course."

Buckley said any prospective coach had to be comfortable that the club he joined fitted his personality and style.

"Your senior coach and the club need to be so aligned in the way they see things, the direction they are going to travel. If that fit isn't right from the start it is going to be pretty hard to be successful," hey said.

Carlton president Mark LoGiudice said on Tuesday the Blues sacked Malthouse mid-season because the two parties had become "misaligned".

Buckley paid tribute to his former coach and said history would focus on his overall contribution rather than the past few weeks.

"We just want to speculate on the recent goings on, but the fact is that when the dust settles Mick's 30-year coaching career and his 43 years in the game will stand the test of time and that is his legacy," Buckley said.