CARLTON is not expecting a messiah as it searches for a new coach, CEO Steven Trigg says.

As the club launches an exhaustive process to appoint its new on-field boss, Trigg told SEN radio on Wednesday that Carlton had an open mind about whether the new coach would be experienced or a first-timer.

He insisted that the messiah complex was a thing of the past, and the coach would have to fit in with a new club culture.

"I think the days of a senior coach rolling in and bringing their team, their exclusive way across a whole range of disciplines or activities of the club is a thing of the past," Trigg said.

Judd to help pick new coach

"The senior coach at Carlton needs to fit in to … call it the Carlton way, what we're trying to do with Carlton, where we are taking Carlton.

"By that I mean we're really clear about what we need to do in terms of culture, in terms of player development, the welfare systems, etc."

The Blues sacked veteran coach Mick Malthouse after round eight and have been led by interim coach John Barker since.

Carlton has won its past two games and has improved significantly since Barker took over.

Trigg said the club was pleased with Barker's effort, but would attack the task of choosing a coach with an open mind.

He said the club's approach to its on-field rebuild would be similar to its approach with the coach and rely on a team of people making good decisions.

"There is no messiah or quick fix to this," Trigg said.

"We do need to build something."