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Shaun Atley – 7
One of the most dynamic players on the ground in the first half, creating rebound run for the Kangaroos off half-back. His run created a goal in the second quarter when North Melbourne was on the ropes and needed a major desperately. Richmond tightened up on him after half-time but he still had an impact.

Ben Brown – 5
Had two goals from general play but could not take a mark despite getting his hands on the ball. He didn't ever look dangerous but he kept bringing the ball to ground and, for a big man, was effective in keeping the ball in North Melbourne's forward line.

Ben Cunnington – 7
He did not touch the ball for the first 26 minutes but then went berserk, turning momentum North Melbourne's way. He was huge in the third quarter with eight disposals, winning vital clearances and contested ball. Very, very lucky not to concede a holding the ball deep in defence when the game was up for grabs in the last quarter. Finished with 21 disposals including 12 contested possessions.

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Nick Dal Santo – 5
Very ordinary first half topped off when he mangled a defensive 50 stoppage, first missing a kick then giving away a free kick to Anthony Miles, who kicked a goal. Fought back in the third quarter with seven disposals and helped turn momentum North Melbourne's way.

Michael Firrito – 6
The tough competitor is always there when a fist is needed or a desperate touch to rush a behind. He organises the defence and is strong in the contest, managing to keep his feet to neutralise several vital one-on-one battles. A warrior. 

Taylor Garner – 6
Unlucky to be subbed out of the game after a brilliant second quarter when he kicked a goal, had five score involvements and kicked at 86 per cent efficiency. He acquitted himself well in his first final.

Sam Gibson – 7
Did a brilliant job for his team, keeping Brandon Ellis to just 10 disposals and managing to get 20 for himself. He won several one-on-one battles and managed to create space as the game went on.

Todd Goldstein – 7
Took his great season into the finals with a dominant display in the ruck. After half-time he took over the air and defeated Ivan Maric comprehensively. He won 46 hit-outs to Maric's 19 and won some decisive possessions late in the last quarter.

Lachlan Hansen – 7
Played as a loose man in defence and was very good in the air after half-time. Hansen played with courage and was smart in his positioning, particularly in the third quarter when he set up a defensive wall and locked the ball inside North Melbourne's forward line. He took nine marks.

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Brent Harvey – 9
Brought the Kangaroos back into the game with an electric second quarter around the ball. He had eight touches and topped the quarter off with a running goal with just two minutes of the half remaining. He then kicked a stoppage goal early in the last quarter to give North Melbourne the lead once again. Harvey finished with 31 disposals, including 14 contested possessions. It was the performance of a champion.

Shaun Higgins – 7
Copped a hard hit from Dylan Grimes early in the first quarter but he is tough. He kept running and worked his way into the game with an outstanding second half. Kicked a set shot goal under enormous pressure in the final quarter and he makes his teammates walk taller. 

Ben Jacobs – 8
Restricted Trent Cotchin to nine disposals, equal to the Tiger skipper's lowest disposal tally in his career. His concentration was outstanding allowing Cotchin just one mark and three kicks. He had nine disposals and did his job well.

Jamie Macmillan – 8
Under-rated player who gave the Kangaroos the lead with a set shot goal in the third quarter when he demanded the ball in a better position. He body-lined the ball at times when courage was required in the third quarter and his interceptions were decisive. Finished with 20 touches and he had a big influence.

Robin Nahas – 4
Horrible first half when he let Bachar Houli dominate him in the air but he regained confidence with a match-turning tackle early in the second half when he hypnotised Troy Chaplin, won the free kick and kicked a goal. He then set up Jarrad Waite with a goal late in the game but must have been discussed as a possible sub at times.

Drew Petrie – 7
Strong game from the veteran, contesting hard and limiting Alex Rance's run. Petrie put his stamp on the game with two consecutive goals late in the third quarter to give the Kangaroos a lead at the final break. Kicked three behinds but was a strong focal point. 

Andrew Swallow – 7
His tackle on Richmond's Dustin Martin late in the third quarter was an inspirational act, refusing to yield to Martin's 'don't argue' and making the tackle stick. It was one of just nine tackles he laid. He had eight third-quarter disposals, including five contested possessions. He put his head over the ball whenever required and, as a result, won five free kicks.  

Robbie Tarrant – 5
Went into half-time without having taken a mark and having just given away a crucial 50-metre penalty that gifted Shane Edwards a goal. But he won some crucial contests during the second half so could hold his head high.

Lindsay Thomas – 3
Came on as the substitute in the third quarter and immediately gave away a 50-metre penalty late in the third quarter after kicking out at Dylan Grimes. Having been reported for that incident, he redeemed himself when he kicked the sealer with six minutes remaining.  

Scott Thompson – 5
Jack Riewoldt beat him but he never stopped trying to break even in the air. He won a decisive aerial battle late in the game that ruined the Tigers' slim chances. He kept fighting despite lowering his colours.

Jarrad Waite – 8
The match-winner. He kicked North Melbourne's first and last goals and finished the game with four goals. His sticky hands were decisive as he took eight marks. However it was his tackling early in the third quarter that set the tone for the Kangaroos. He finished the game with four goals and seven tackles in a brilliant display. 

Sam Wright – 6
Kept competing and won some crucial contests. Won a vital possession in the last quarter that gave Higgins a goal. He forms a good combination of running half-backs with Shaun Atley.

Jack Ziebell – 7
Took a knock on his hip when courageously going for a mark in the first quarter and then his turnover gifted Jack Riewoldt a goal in the second quarter. But Ziebell never lies down and he kept crashing and bashing packs until North Melbourne was in control. Finished the game with 23 touches, many of them from hard running and brute strength.