AS HE approaches his 250th game, Western Bulldogs veteran Matthew Boyd still doesn't know if this season will be his last.

Out of contract in October, the 32-year-old says continuing his career is more than tempting with the Bulldogs potentially on the verge of success.

"Definitely yeah, white-knuckling, just holding on as much as I can," Boyd joked with reporters on Tuesday morning.

"It's an exciting time to be at the footy club," he said. 

"Clearly you want to be around for that period that may lay ahead, but there's a lot of hard work ahead and we've got to do a lot of things right to get to that point."

Boyd wouldn't put a timeframe on a decision, and it's unclear whether the call will be made before September or after the season.

"We'll see how the body holds up, see how I'm playing, and see if I'm still required," Boyd said. 

"There's a lot of factors you've got to take into account when you get to my experience, age … wisdom I'd like to think.

Boyd admitted he'd had some setbacks earlier in the season, but was now confident in his body.

"I feel great, I feel really good," he said. 

"I had a couple of setbacks earlier in the year, which was more about the club managing me, managing my workloads throughout that period.

"At the moment I feel fantastic and hopefully I can keep that going."

The Western Bulldogs play Carlton at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night.