In: Troy Menzel (Carlton), Paul Seedsman (Collingwood), Curtly Hampton (GWS), Dean Gore (Geelong), pick 9
Out: Patrick Dangerfield, Sam Kerridge, picks 32 and 53, and 2016 second-round pick

2015 draft picks:  9, 13, 71, 89, 107, 125

Filled a need: Match-winner Patrick Dangerfield is an almost irreplaceable individual but the Crows will hope to compensate somewhat for the loss of his run, inside work and scoring power through the likes of the speedy Seedsman, hard nut Gore and skilled left-footer Menzel. Seedsman might also release the damaging Brodie Smith to play more in the midfield.

Still to find: More midfield class, given Dangerfield's departure and the fact veteran Scott Thompson is in the twilight of his career. It's easy to imagine them drafting the best midfielders available at picks 9 and 13. - Ben Collins

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: The Crows shouldn't be judged on losing Dangerfield, but how they made the most of a bad situation. On that score, the Trade Period was a pass. Dangerfield's exit could have left the club with inadequate free agency compensation, but the Crows made it known they would match the Cats' contract terms, forcing a trade, which gave them the best result. It was great negotiating. Getting Menzel in late was the Crows' best move and, like the Dangerfield transaction, they made it happen quickly.

Rating: B-

Brisbane Lions

In: Ryan Bastinac (North Melbourne), Tom Bell (Carlton), Jarrad Jansen (Geelong), Josh Walker (Geelong), picks 38, 40, 41, 2016 second-round pick (St Kilda), 2016 third-round pick (North Melbourne)
Out: James Aish, Matthew Leuenberger, Jack Redden, picks 21, 60, 2016 third-round pick

2015 draft picks: 2, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 78, 96, 114

Filled a need: With Redden and Aish going, getting in ready-made midfielders Bell and Bastinac was crucial. Walker will also help the young forward line. Although he's not a superstar, he should attract the best defender and help his younger teammates develop with lesser defenders on them.

Still to find: Despite getting Walker, they still desperately need a key forward, and that should happen with Josh Schache expected to be available at No.2 in the upcoming draft. - Michael Whiting

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: This would have been a failed period if the Lions had stuck to their guns and refused to trade Aish. Losing established players is still a problem for the club, however, and Aish has been joined at the exit by ruckman Matthew Leuenberger and midfielder Jack Redden. The answer for the Lions is to invest in their academy players, which they will be able to do with the draft picks that have come in. Midfielders Bell and Bastinac are the inclusions who should most help the Lions on-field in 2016.  

Rating: C

• Draft order: Your club's provisional picks


In: Sam Kerridge (Adelaide), Andrew Phillips (GWS), Jed Lamb (GWS), Lachie Plowman (GWS), Liam Sumner (GWS), picks 8, 11, 19 and 60
Out: Troy Menzel, Tom Bell, Lachie Henderson, picks 20, 41, 77 and 95

2015 draft picks: 1, 8, 11, 19, 59, 60, 113

Filled a need: Midfield depth. Sumner and Kerridge can both play through the middle, and they will both need to play well next year considering how few AFL-standard midfielders the Blues have.

Still to find: The forward line is even barer than last year with Henderson and Menzel gone. Lamb can hit the scoreboard but the Blues need more avenues to goal. - Dinny Navaratnam

Nathan Schmook’s verdict There was no shame in buckling late to Richmond and accepting pick No.19 for Yarran. Many saw that as true value. Having crossed from GWS, list manager Stephen Silvagni was confident the four Giants he brought across to Carlton would be long-term players. The biggest success for Carlton, however, was getting pick No.8 from the Giants and securing two picks inside the top 10 for the first time since 2005. They haven't had a top 10 pick since they drafted Yarran in 2008 at No.6 and Silvagni knows getting talent onto the list quickly is crucial.

Rating: B



In: Adam Treloar (GWS), James Aish (Brisbane Lions), Jeremy Howe (Melbourne), picks 27, 66, 77, 84
Out: Nathan Freeman, Ben Kennedy, Paul Seedsman, picks 7, 26, 47 and 65, 2016 first-round pick.

2015 draft picks: 27, 66, 77, 83, 84, 101, 119

Filled a need: The Pies need more marking avenues to goal to take some heat off Travis Cloke and Jamie Elliott, and the high-flying, versatile Howe will make them more unpredictable and add to the flair provided by Elliott. Landing Treloar and Aish also lessens the midfield burden on skipper Scott Pendlebury & co.

Still to find: Back-half class, although this could come from within given an injury-free Ben Reid, a leap in development from Matt Scharenberg and the possibility of Pendlebury occasionally being swung back there. And, of course, another key forward, which Darcy Moore is touted to become. - Ben Collins

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: The ins and outs look good for Collingwood, which no doubt improves its prospects for 2016 on the back of Treloar. Aish was unhappy at the Lions and the Magpies would hope he can become the star he appeared on track to be in his debut season. Landing both makes the Magpies' trade period a success, but the club's recruiters will now have their work cut out for two seasons finding gems later in the draft. 

Rating: B+ 


In: Matthew Leuenberger (Brisbane Lions), Craig Bird (Sydney Swans), picks 5, 24, 25, 57
Out: Jake Carlisle, Jake Melksham, Jonathan Giles, picks 23, 44 and 62

2015 draft picks: 4, 5, 24, 25, 57, 80, 98, 116

Filled a need: With Tom Bellchambers missing the second half of the season with injury, the Bombers turned to back-up big man Shaun McKernan, who did a manful job against the odds. So landing restricted free agent Matthew Leuenberger for nothing was something of a coup. With fellow tall Joe Daniher, it gives the Dons options.

Still to find: The Bombers boast plenty of inside ball-winners but have an urgent need for speed. A Travis Colyer clone would be ideal. They're also on the lookout for another key-position player after the loss of Carlisle and Dustin Fletcher. - Ben Collins

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: One of the biggest winners of the trade period. The Bombers stood firm in their negotiations with St Kilda over Jake Carlisle and eventually got the pick No.5 they wanted. Pick No.25 represents great value for departing midfielder Jake Melksham, and ruckman Matthew Leuenberger comes in at no cost as a free agent. Used the Sydney Swans perfectly to break the Carlisle deadlock, helping the Swans gain more points for their academy players.

Rating: A

Retirements, delistings and trades: All your club's player departures


In: Harley Bennell (Gold Coast), pick 22, 61 and a 2016 second-round pick (Gold Coast)
Out: picks 16 and 56

2015 draft picks: 22, 35, 61, 74, 92, 110, 128

Filled a need: If the Dockers can keep Harley Bennell on the straight and narrow, the troubled star could be anything. The goalkicking midfielder will certainly add more X-factor to Freo's midfield mix and will help Ross Lyon's side hit the scoreboard after slotting 92 goals from 81 games for Gold Coast.

Still to find: Fremantle's fruitless pursuit of a key forward continues. The Dockers threw up a tempting offer of two first-round draft picks to GWS for Cam McCarthy, but never even got to the trade table to start official negotiations. The big man stocks look thin at both ends – especially if Matthew Pavlich follows Luke McPharlin into retirement – so Gippsland's 200cm backman Ben McKay could be an option with Freo's first pick. - Travis King

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: The Dockers failed in their objective to land McCarthy, but the Giants' tough stance might have saved them from themselves. There was a risk Freo would give up too much to finally land a key forward. Instead they come out empty handed in that regard, but with a potential star on their books for great value. Recruiting McCarthy at his true value would have been a great win for Freo, but paying significant overs would have been a bad move. The Dockers will go again in 12 months and try to land their man at the right price.

Rating: C- 


In: Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide), Lachie Henderson (Carlton), Zac Smith (Gold Coast) and Scott Selwood (West Coast, restricted free agent); 2016 fifth-round pick (GWS) and 2016 third-round pick (Brisbane Lions)
Out: Dean Gore, Jarrad Jansen, Josh Walker, Dawson Simpson, Steve Johnson, picks 9, 28, 49 and 2016 first-round pick

2015 draft picks: 67, 85, 103, 121

Filled a need: Talls. The Cats were short on big men in 2015, particularly in the ruck, with Dawson Simpson, Hamish McIntosh, Rhys Stanley, Nathan Vardy and Mitch Clark struggling to get on the field. Bringing in Smith helps up shore up that department and Henderson adds another young tall to the Cats' aging defence. 

Still to find: Defenders. Geelong still look solid in defence but with Corey Enright (34), Tom Lonergan (31), Andrew Mackie (31) and Harry Taylor (29) all with limited time left, the Cats need young key talls. - Dinny Navaratnam

Nathan Schmook's verdict: A trade period that gets you back in premiership contention in the blink of an eye can't be anything but a masterstroke. List manager Stephen Wells has got the Cats one superstar, a midfielder and young leader who will slot into the 22, and a key position player and young ruckman with upside. Most importantly, the addition of Dangerfield and Scott Selwood will give captain Joel Selwood the support he needs to rediscover his best form in 2016. It's a bevvy of players worth selling future picks for.

Rating: A+ 

Gold Coast

In: Daniel Currie (North Melbourne), Matt Rosa (West Coast), picks 6, 16, 29 and 56; 2016 first-round pick (Melbourne), 2016 second-round pick (Port Adelaide), 2016 second-round pick (Richmond) and 2016 second-round pick (Fremantle)
Out: Harley Bennell, Charlie Dixon, Zac Smith, picks 3, 22, 19, 43

2015 draft picks: 6, 16, 29, 56, 79, 97, 115

Filled a need: With Zac Smith wanting more opportunities elsewhere, it was imperative the Suns got back-up help for Tom Nicholls – and they got that in Currie. Don't underestimate Rosa's addition either. For a team light on for experienced leadership, he fills the void nicely.

Still to find: After failing in the pursuit of Jeremy Howe, Andrejs Everitt and Paul Seedsman, the Suns are still on the lookout for a third tall forward and pacy wing option. - Michael Whiting

Nathan Schmook's verdict: If the 2016 draft is going to be a high quality crop, then the Suns could be the unexpected winner. They have traded strategically to improve their position next year, maintaining two prime picks this year. It could have been better for the Suns though if there had been more bidders for Bennell. They wanted him out of the club, but in the end they gave him up for too little. They held firm on Dixon and made sure they got a good return for the key forward leaving, somewhat balancing their trade period. The recruiters will be very happy in 12 months.     



In: Steve Johnson (Geelong), picks 10, 34, 43, 53, 55, 58, 63, 64, 65, 70 and 95; 2016 round-one pick (Carlton), 2016 round-one pick (Collingwood) and 2016 second-round pick (Adelaide)
Out: Tomas Bugg, Curtly Hampton, Jed Lamb, Andrew Phillips, Lachie Plowman, Liam Sumner, Jacob Townsend, Adam Treloar, picks 8, 48, 120 and 2016 fifth-round pick

2015 draft picks: 10, 34, 43, 53, 55, 58, 63, 64, 65, 70, 95, 102

Filled a need: The addition of Steve Johnson is two-fold. Not only do the Giants get a clever small forward who is a perfect foil for Jeremy Cameron, Jon Patton and Cam McCarthy, but they also get an on-field leader, which can only be a good thing for such a young team.

Still to find: The Giants now have most of their bases covered, but the upcoming draft is all about securing top-10 rated academy midfielders Jacob Hopper and Matthew Kennedy. Will they have enough points? - Michael Whiting

Nathan Schmook's verdict: The Giants are unlikely to get a better offer for Cam McCarthy than the pick No.22 and future first-round pick Fremantle offered. They turned it down and now McCarthy's manager is adamant he will seek a trade in 12 months. Standing their ground was the right thing for the Giants to do, however, to discourage other players leaving when in contract. The haggling over Treloar was most inconsequential and that finally went through as a fair trade with Collingwood.

Rating: C- 



In: Jack Fitzpatrick (Melbourne), picks 15 and 48
Out: Matt Suckling, Jed Anderson, picks 38, 40, 58 and 94

2015 draft picks: 15, 18, 48, 76, 112 and 130

Filled a need: With David Hale's retirement, the Hawks were keen for some extra cover in the ruck/tall forward role and swooped on unwanted Melbourne big man Jack Fitzpatrick in a swap for pick 94. It remains to be seen how much football the 200cm big man plays for Hawthorn, but he could be a handy back-up.

Still to find: Despite their bid for Jake Carlisle, the Hawks have faith that Kaiden Brand and Kurt Heatherley can fill Brian Lake's shoes in defence, so more midfield quality could be on the agenda to develop under Sam Mitchell, Luke Hodge and Jordan Lewis. - Travis King

Nathan Schmook's verdict: It would have been unpalatable at the time if the Hawks had swept in late and snared Carlisle in a move that would have further enhanced their 2016 premiership prospects. Circumstances around the key defender later changed. It was a quiet period for the Hawks, which saw midfielder Jed Anderson depart and pick No.15 come in in the most meaningful trade the club made. They now have a strong first-round presence and their premiership-winning list is in tact.

Rating B+ 

• WATCH: The Trade Wrap part 2 - Hawthorn to Western Bulldogs


In: Ben Kennedy (Collingwood), Jake Melksham (Essendon), Tomas Bugg (GWS), picks 3, 7, 50 and 94
Out: Jeremy Howe, Jack Fitzpatrick, Jimmy Toumpas, picks 6, 25, 64 and 2016 first-round pick 

2015 draft picks: 3, 7, 46, 50, 82, 94, 100, 118

Filled a need: Midfielders. The Demons have relied heavily on captain Nathan Jones and Bernie Vince the last couple of years, but with Kennedy and Melksham coming in and Angus Brayshaw, Jack Viney and Dom Tyson continuing to develop, the Dees should be more consistent in 2016.

Still to find: Forwards. Jesse Hogan and Jeff Garlett need help. Chris Dawes is capable but Melbourne needs more talent in attack to help kick a winning score. - Dinny Navaratnam

Nathan Schmook's verdict: Brilliant. The Demons used the incoming points system to perfection to gain picks No.3 and No.7 in this year's draft. They read the play quicker than other clubs, working well with GWS to secure pick No.7 and Bugg. Pick No.25 seemed to be a high price to pay for Melksham, but he could quickly disprove that if he slots into the midfield and adds needed hardness. Now the club needs to draft well, having worked into such a strong position.      

Rating A+ 

North Melbourne

In: Jed Anderson (Hawthorn), picks 17, 26, 28 and 47
Out: Daniel Currie, Ryan Bastinac, picks 15, 34 and 55; 2016 third-round pick

2015 draft picks: 17, 26, 28, 47, 73, 91, 109, 127

Filled a need: The Roos' reliance on Brent Harvey to break the lines and Daniel Wells' ongoing injury woes meant they desperately needed to bring some pace and dare into the line-up – which former Hawk Jed Anderson has in spades. The young gun has had some misfortune with injury and illness, but boasts plenty of talent and should be a handy acquisition, keen to prove himself after only 10 games in three years.

Still to find: Anderson helps in the speed department, but the Roos still need more quality outside ball-users with a bit of dash. With three picks inside the top 30, they could target more speed in the draft. - Travis King

Nathan Schmook's verdict: James Aish was the Kangaroos' main target but they were unable to convince him to join the club over Collingwood, despite the Lions stating their preference to deal with North. They worked the pick swaps well with Hawthorn in the Anderson trade and maintained a first-round presence, which was important. It was a quieter period than you'd expect for a team in North Melbourne's position, however, shooting for a premiership in the short-term and needing improvements.

Rating: C 

Port Adelaide

In: Charlie Dixon (Gold Coast), Jimmy Toumpas (Melbourne), picks 32 and 49
Out: Picks 10, 29, 50, 68 and a 2016 second-round pick

2015 draft picks: 32, 49, 86, 104, 122

Filled a need: Key forward. As well-rounded as Port’s list is, Jay Schulz has been the Power’s key forward but isn’t known for his contested marking. Dixon is listed at 202cm and provides the monster target Port’s smalls can thrive around.

Still to find: Some defensive cover would be handy, with Jackson Trengove only once having played more than 20 games in a season since being drafted in 2008. - Dinny Navaratnam

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: The Dixon deal was almost as tense and drawn out as the Carlisle trade, and there was a risk the Power would blink and offer more than the key forward is worth given their needs. Taking premium draft picks into this year isn't a priority given the amount of young talent the Power has, so they were comfortable trading pick No.10. Dixon and Toumpas haven't lived up to their potential but the Power could be rewarded for handing them fresh starts.    

Rating: B 


In: Jacob Townsend (GWS), Chris Yarran (Carlton), pick 120  
Out: Picks 31, 70 and a 2016 second-round pick

2015 draft picks: 12, 52, 88, 106, 120, 124

Filled a need: Tough inside midfielder Jacob Townsend should play straight away. The 22-year-old was targeted a long way out by the Tigers and he had an offer on the table to stay at Greater Western Sydney. He will help Trent Cotchin and Anthony Miles in particular, with Richmond's midfield depth a concern going into the Trade Period.

Still to find: A ruckman. The Tigers won't use a premium draft pick on a young one, but it could be an area they look to add more depth in through a mature state-league recruit on the rookie list. - Nathan Schmook

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: The Tigers were rewarded for refusing to buckle and hand over more than market value for Yarran. In the final 30 minutes the Blues caved and accepted pick No.19, which the Tigers had earlier traded for. For a team looking to take the next step and win a final, the Tigers might have done just enough. They sniffed around the edges of other big-name deals but didn't get involved, taking a conservative approach. Will that help the Tigers make the leap they need to? Ultimately, that is how this Trade Period will be judged for them.  

Rating: B+ 

St Kilda

In: Jake Carlisle (St Kilda), Nathan Freeman (Collingwood), picks 14 and 68 
Out: picks 5, 63 and a 2016 second-round pick

2015 draft picks: 14, 45, 68, 81, 99, 117

Filled a need: Key-position player. Jake Carlisle will be played in defence, giving the Saints the tall presence they need in the backline. Sean Dempster and Sam Fisher are close to retirement, so he will prove a valuable mature body as Hugh Goddard develops over the next two seasons.

Still to find: Midfield depth and tall defenders were the Saints' focus this Trade and Draft period. Having acquired Carlisle they may use their prime picks on the best midfielders they can find. With pick No.14, Darcy Tucker is a half-back with Vic Metro who is AFL-ready and should develop into a midfielder. - Nathan Schmook

Nathan Schmook's verdict: In the most difficult negotiations of the Trade Period, the Saints managed to walk away with Carlisle in a win-win deal for them and the Bombers. Hawthorn’s involvement could have blown the whole deal or forced the Saints to give up too much, but they held firm and paid true value, maintaining a presence in the first round. Getting Freeman onto the list for a future second-round pick is a smart move, given their focus from 2016 on is likely to drift towards free agency. Having father-son prospect Bailey Rice choose the Saints as his first preference was another win for the club.

Rating: A-


Sydney Swans

In: Callum Sinclair (West Coast), Michael Talia (Western Bulldogs), picks 36, 37, 44 and 69
Out: Craig Bird, Lewis Jetta, pick 14 and a 2016 fourth-round pick 

2015 draft picks: 33, 36, 37, 44, 54, 69, 72, 90, 108, 126

Filled a need: With Mike Pyke's retirement, Sinclair's addition was critical. The 26-year-old ruckman is fresh off a breakout season, supporting Nic Naitanui at West Coast.

Still to find: With Ted Richards and Heath Grundy ageing, Talia was a nice speculative steal in the key defensive stocks. This year's draft is now all about locking up academy ace Callum Mills, which will likely cost the Swans' first three or four draft picks. - Michael Whiting

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: Under a trade ban, the Swans have made the most of difficult circumstances. Getting in a decent ruckman at the right age was smart and Sinclair could fill a need more than the departing Jetta. With their hands tied at the trade table, the Swans' focus was on improving their academy points, which they did cleverly by entering the Carlisle trade. Overall, the period was a win for the club, getting their main target and securing the required points for Callum Mills.

Rating: B

West Coast

In: Jonathan Giles (Essendon), Lewis Jetta (Sydney Swans), Jack Redden (Brisbane Lions), picks 31, 37 and 62
Out: Matt Rosa, Scott Selwood, Callum Sinclair, picks 17 and 57

2015 draft picks: 23, 31, 62, 75, 93, 111, 129

Filled a need: Securing Jetta and Redden adds proven skill and toughness to the line-up, off-setting the losses of Rosa and Selwood. Redden should relieve some of the workload on Matt Priddis at the contest and Jetta's versatility to play in attack, through the middle or across half-back will be a welcome asset for Adam Simpson.

Still to find: An A-grade midfielder would be high up on the Eagles' wish list, although that won't happen with their picks. More midfield depth – in terms of speed, class and toughness – would be handy. - Travis King

Nathan Schmook's verdict: The Eagles' ins and outs are like for like in position, and two of their three recruits – Jetta and Redden – could be considered upgrades. Sinclair's departure will require Scott Lycett to step up in 2016, but Giles is a savvy in for depth purposes only in a premiership campaign. After losing a Grand Final the Eagles needed to improve their top end and they have. A late trade with the Swans has also improved their draft position. Job done.

Rating: B

Western Bulldogs

In: Matthew Suckling (Hawthorn), picks 20, 21, 69 and a 2016 fourth-round pick
Out: Michael Talia and pick 11

2015 draft picks: 20, 21, 30, 51, 87, 105, 123

Filled a need: Suckling is a quality acquisition and part of the next generation of leadership in the back half for when the likes of skipper Bob Murphy, Matthew Boyd and Dale Morris hang up their boots. The ex-Hawk also adds flexibility with his ability to play on a wing and kick long goals.

Still to find: A ruckman, given Will Minson will be 31 in April, along with a key defender and perhaps a key forward. Missed out on Lions ruckman Stefan Martin, Power big man Matthew Lobbe and ex-Bomber swingman Jake Carlisle. Coaxing Brian Lake into a comeback wouldn't have been the worst idea, but he says he's content in retirement. - Ben Collins

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: If the Bulldogs identified a ruckman as their priority, why did they wait until the second last day of the trade period to make a move on Port Adelaide's Matthew Lobbe? The Bulldogs' approach was to be very specific in their approach to trades this year and they inquired about players they wanted, regardless of their contracted situation. The fact they didn't complete a player trade suggests they are comfortable with their list, but a ruckman would have helped in 2016. 

Rating: C