FORMER Geelong premiership mentor Mark Thompson has joined West Coast premiership coach John Worsfold in ruling himself out as a candidate to take over at Carlton.

On Tuesday, Worsfold ruled himself out of the race to coach Carlton, and on Wednesday night, Thompson also said he wouldn’t join the Blues.

"No, I wouldn't ... I'm done," the two-time Geelong premiership coach told Fox Footy when asked if he would consider putting up his hand to coach the Blues.

"I really enjoyed it and the bug's there.

"It's almost like you've been given a gene to coach.

"But in saying that, gee, it's a harsh world."

Thompson said a key reason why he would not consider coaching Carlton was the state of the club.

"For me to do it - and I've experienced something pretty good - it would have to be a pretty special club," he said.

"It's a big challenge and unless they were a really special group of people ... I'm not sure, from the outside, that they've really got their club together at the moment.

"That's the problem I think with some people, is they just walk into clubs because there's an opportunity.

"That has to stop in the future (and) people have to be a bit more selective on who fits with who."

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Thompson said the immediate key for Carlton under interim coach John Barker was for top officials there to be honest with the players, otherwise their form will continue to suffer.

"What do they need? They need to know what's going on in their club - absolutely, the truth," he said.

"People, when they receive the truth and start to believe the truth, then they'll go out and say ‘well, yeah, I trust what they say’.

"If they don't trust, they won't play.

"You'll find out whether they do or not, I reckon, with their performances."