THERE'LL be new faces aplenty on show in Thursday night's St Kilda-Hawthorn clash at RSEA Park with Paddy Ryder, Bradley Hill, Dougal Howard, Jon Patton and Sam Frost among those set to make their club debuts. 

Both teams have named strong squads for the first Marsh Community Series game of 2020, with Jarryn Geary (calf), Dylan Roberton (corked knee), Dan Hannebery (managed) and Zak Jones (wisdom teeth) to miss for the Saints and Shaun Burgoyne and James Sicily for the Hawks. 

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Ryder, Hill, Howard, Dan Butler and Ryan Abbott will run out in Saints' colours for the first time in a competitive match, after crossing from rival clubs last year.   

The Hawks will unveil Patton and Sam Frost after they moved from GWS and Melbourne, and will also give former Saint and delisted Hawk Darren Minchington a run as he hopes to secure a return to their list as part of the pre-season supplemental selection period (SSP).

Minchington has been training with the Hawks since December and under AFL rules can partake in pre-season matches as part of his audition to earn a new contract and fill the last spot on their list. 

Eyes will also be on Tom Mitchell, with the Brownlow medallist set to play after getting through three quarters of last week's intraclub following the horrendous broken leg he suffered last January. 

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Highly touted Saints forward Max King, fresh from kicking four goals in last week's intraclub, has been named in the pocket while Ben Long will start on the half-back flank after spending much of the summer in defence.  

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Ryder has been named at centre half-forward with Rowan Marshall to start in the ruck and Abbott on the extended bench of eight players. 

Vice-captain Seb Ross will play managed minutes as he eases back in from a summer calf complaint, but forward Tim Membrey has been named to officially captain the side in the absence of Geary, who will play next week.

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Hawthorn big man Ben McEvoy will continue to experience life at centre half-back, while Jaeger O'Meara will start on the ball for managed minutes after missing the intraclub. 

The Saints are expecting a capacity crowd and members are encouraged to guarantee entry by using their membership card to register for a GA ticket via Non-members can also pre-purchase tickets.

Parking at the ground will be extremely limited.

Thursday, February 20

St Kilda v Hawthorn, RSEA Park, 7.10pm AEDT


B: D.Howard 20 C.Wilkie 44 N.Coffield 1
HB: J.Carlisle 2 H.Clark 11 B.Long 21
C: J.Billings 15 S.Ross 6 B.Hill 8
HF: J.Sinclair 35 P.Ryder 18 D.Butler 16
F: T.Membrey - C 28 J.Lonie 13 M.King 12
Foll: R.Marshall 19 J.Gresham 4 J.Steele 9
I/C: J.Marsh 43 R.Abbott 27 S.Savage 5 D.McKenzie 36 J.Battle 26 B.Paton 33 L.Dunstan 7 D.Kent 25

Emerg: J.Bytel 23 D.Joyce 39 R.Byrnes 31 D.Langlands 46

Squad: D.Howard, C.Wilkie, N.Coffield, J.Carlisle, H.Clark, B.Long, J.Billings, S.Ross, B.Hill, J.Sinclair, P.Ryder, D.Butler, T.Membrey, J.Lonie, M.King, R.Marshall, J.Gresham, J.Steele, J.Marsh, R.Abbott, S.Savage, D.McKenzie, B.Paton, J.Battle, L.Dunstan, D.Kent


B: B.Stratton - C 24 J.Frawley 12 D.Greaves 44
HB: S.Frost 8 B.McEvoy 7 H.Morrison 1
C: I.Smith 16 L.Shiels 26 R.Henderson 31
HF: O.Hanrahan 41 M.Lewis 2 T.O'Brien 23
F: L.Breust 22 J.Patton 25 P.Puopolo 28
Foll: J.Ceglar 18 J.O'Meara 10 J.Worpel 5
I/C: C.Jiath 29 C.Wingard 20 M.Walker 33 T.Mitchell 3 J.Cousins 46 D.Minchington 38 B.Hardwick 15 T.Scully 21

Emerg: M.Hartley 27 C.Glass 13 C.Nash 11 H.Jones 40

Squad: B.Stratton, J.Frawley, D.Greaves, S.Frost, B.McEvoy, H.Morrison, I.Smith, L.Shiels, R.Henderson, O.Hanrahan, M.Lewis, T.O'Brien, L.Breust, J.Patton, P.Puopolo, J.Ceglar, J.O'Meara, J.Worpel, C.Jiath, C.Wingard, M.Walker, T.Mitchell, D.Minchington, J.Cousins, B.Hardwick, T.Scully