SYDNEY star Luke Parker faces a nervous wait after he was reported for rough conduct during the final quarter of Friday night's clash against Hawthorn.

With the ball in dispute on the outer wing, Parker collected Hawk Jarman Impey high when he attempted to pick up the ball.

Impey received some treatment on the field and was assisted off with the blood rule after a cut to the head.

The star Hawk returned to play out the game, while Parker was instrumental in the Swans' thrilling victory.

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Parker told Fox Footy after the game he tried to "do the correct technique" and hoped to get the all clear from match review officer Michael Christian.

"I collected him pretty hard, but my view was that I tried to turn my body to protect myself as I took the ball," he said.

"I think I had my hands on the ball.

"I haven't watched the replay, but the main thing is he is OK.

"We'll just have to wait and see, but my view was I turned and tried to do the correct technique and take the ball and turn."

Christian will make his decision on Saturday.

The incident has been compared to Jordan Murdoch's on Isaac Heeney two weeks ago, and also Trent Cotchin on Dylan Shiel in last year's preliminary final. 

Murdoch was placed on report for his bump, but was later cleared by Christian because the Cat had "no realistic alternative way to contest the ball." 

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Cotchin was also cleared, with last year's Match Review Panel finding the Tigers skipper was seeking to contest the ball and therefore contact was not unreasonable in the circumstances.

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