AFLPA president Patrick Dangerfield has demanded greater transparency from the AFL as the pay stoush between the AFL and players' body heats up.  

Negotiations will continue on Wednesday after the players' offer of a 50 per cent wage slash was turned down by the League on Monday – just hours after it requested 79 per cent.

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Players have been criticised for being slow to react to the League's call to reduce the home and away season to 17 games amid the outbreak of coronavirus. 

Now, with the season in shut down until at least May 31, Dangerfield admitted his cohort were willing to take cuts but were awaiting more answers from head office on where the game was headed.

Are we prepared to take longer term cuts? Absolutely, but we need a bit more information

- Patrick Dangerfield

"In order to come to a resolution and a decision, we need to understand and have the information in front of us," Dangerfield told SEN on Wednesday morning.

"We need full transparency from the AFL so we can make the right decisions for players and the game. We haven't had those as yet. 

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"Perhaps we would be a week in front of the conversation if we had more information with where the game is at."

With no games currently on show, the League's heaviest income stream of broadcast rights money and gate takings were non-existent.

A large portion of employees in football departments across the competition were stood down this week as clubs prepare for the tightening of the soft cap in 2020 and 2021.

Senior coaches have agreed to a minimum 20 per cent cut, while Cats coach Chris Scott will work without pay while the competition is on hold.

Dangerfield said the players were willing to cop a heavier hit than the 50 per cent put forward on Monday night.

"Are we prepared to take longer term cuts? Absolutely, but we need a bit more information in regards to where the season is going, the financials of the season so we can make the right decision for the players and the game. 

"I would suggest 50 per cent for the next two months, and it could extend to the end of the season, that's pretty painful.

"If we get the books on where it sits and it's far dire, then that's a conversation that has to be had, that's an agreement that must be met. But we need to get that information."

The Geelong superstar added that he had been disappointed in teammate, and fellow leadership group member, Mark Blicavs' decision to hold a noisy house party on Sunday night amid the warnings of social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"It's a mistake. It shows how important it is to follow the rules in place from the health experts. We need to take these seriously. It's certainly a mistake and 'Blitz' has learnt from it," he said.