EVERY Fantasy coach has a hard luck story. Most often, it is a trade that didn’t go to plan.

The Traders have shared their worst moves and it opened a flurry of bad memories from coaches who made trades they regret. Some of these were from many years ago and still haunt them to this day.

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On a Friday afternoon in 2011, Heath Shaw was suspended for betting on a game of football.

Back then a lot of coaches would have made their trades ahead of the lockout. They would have safely made their moves after the teams were announced on Thursday and be ready to put their feet up and watch the scores tick over for the round.

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This was before the ability to reverse trades was implemented in the game. When a trade was made, it was locked in.

Thousands of coaches had brought in Shaw this week and that memory was one of the most popular when they stories were shared last week.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie share some of their bad moves and those of other coaches who remember their shockers, even down to the exact statline of the player they traded out.

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In this week’s episode …

While in lockdown, The Traders look at the best players from the last decade. Defenders are the first lot of players revealed.

Fantasy favourites Brendon Goddard, Kade Simpson and Luke Hodge are among those who are in the back six based on their Fantasy stats from 2010-to-2019. An average of 87 saw Nic Newman named as the best cash cow for the bench in his debut season.

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1:45 - Warnie is bottling his home brew, Calvin is growing grass and Roy has made a purchase to keep him entertained in isolation.

10:20 - The boys live some of their worst trades of their Fantasy careers as well as share some from passionate coaches on social media.

14:20 - Why reverse trades, aka the Heath Shaw rule, was introduced.

21:50 - The six best defenders are inducted into the Fantasy Team of the Decade.

34:30 - Nic Newman is the best cash cow for the bench from the last 10 years, but who joins him?

42:00 - Warnie takes on the role of the quizmaster to challenge Roy and Calvin in Gorto's 2015-19 quiz.

51:00 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

1:00:15 - Calvin reminisces about what he got up to to terrorise Warnie when they lived together.

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