MATTHEW Scarlett v Alex Rance.

In the latest episode of The Coach, Ross Lyon tells Damian Barrett he's taking the Cat.


"If you were to take a wholistic approach, and look at the similarities, they're both basically 194cm, six foot four, weight wise similar, durability both really strong, after their first two seasons, they both went on to average basically 20 games a season," Lyon said.

"If I wanted to build a club over a 10 or 12 year period, or even longer, Scarlett with the ball, he was incredible with the ball.

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"His ability to stay composed under pressure, find the right option, and set up counter attacks, there is no doubt he is stronger there than Alex.

BEST SINCE 2000 Who is your club's best defender?

"I think the leadership, once he hooked into the group, he drove standards, he was the general of that backline even though Tom Harley was the captain.

"And culturally, they are different. Alex is an extrovert and at some point that caused some difficulties within that club, even though they smoothed it out.

"Overall, leadership and culture wise, smoother in what I would value more. The uniqueness, we celebrate it, but in the end …

If it was me and I had to take one for a 10 or 12 year period, I'd take Scarlett. I think he is better with ball in hand.

- Ross Lyon

"The whole package, particularly with ball in hand, and his ability to create a toe-poke, I'm biased toward Scarlett.

"I can't remember him getting touched up in a final."

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Hall of Fame: Matthew Scarlett

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Scarlett was a three-time premiership player at Geelong, a best-and-fairest winner and was named All-Australian on six occasions from 284 matches.

Rance, who retired at the end of last year after 200 matches, was a member of Richmond's 2017 premiership team, won a Tigers' best and fairest and was a five-time All-Australian.