GREATER Western Sydney's Heath Shaw showed a head knock hasn't affected his sense of humour by turning up for a press conference wearing a cricket helmet.

Shaw is set to make his return from a serious head injury when the Giants face Richmond at the MCG on Saturday.

The vice-captain hasn't played since round 15 against the Swans when he was hospitalised with brain bleeding after a heavy collision with Kurt Tippett.

On Wednesday, Shaw joked he was awaiting "official approval" from the AFL for his helmet, supplied by former Test cricketer Simon Katich, who has acted as a runner for the Giants.

After a laugh, Shaw removed the helmet and spoke of his excitement at his return.

"It has been a long time I've been waiting on the sidelines to get back out there," the 28-year-old said.

"There's nothing to speed up the process at all, so it was a bit frustrating sitting on the sidelines and just waiting for time to go by."

Shaw said he thought initially he would make a quick recovery but was now happy he'd taken the time out.

"I thought I was OK a couple of days later but the seriousness of what happened was pretty full-on and it sent a bit of a fright," he said.

"Waiting that four or five weeks and doing everything to get right and fully training today gives me confidence."

Shaw didn't expect any trepidation when he got back on the field, believing "instinct" would take over.

"I won't be thinking about going in hard, I'll just be doing what I have to do,” he said.