MELBOURNE'S emerging midfielder Jack Viney remained coy as to the exact advice Geelong skipper Joel Selwood offered him after the Cats demolished the Demons at the MCG on Saturday.

All he would offer in relation to the exchange was that Selwood had given him "a few pointers, a bit of advice I guess."
The up-and-coming Demon butted heads with the established hard nut as he tried to lift his team during the third quarter.
"We had a bit of a tussle," Viney told "It was a good battle. 

“[He's] obviously someone I look up to as a player and [it's] good to experience how he goes about it around the ground." 

Selwood was one of the game's most dominant players but Viney and Jordie McKenzie made him earn his possessions after quarter-time. 
Viney said he tried to be as close to Selwood as possible when the Cats had the ball and he learned as much about how good Geelong was, as how good the Cats' skipper was, during the duel. 
"They have got some quality kicks in their side and you give them two metres and they will use that option," Viney said.
The 20-year-old said the team's first half was disappointing but he did find some positives in the fact Melbourne was only outscored by seven points in the second half.
He also praised the effort of teammate Aidan Riley, who showed he had the ability to compete in the midfield at AFL level.
He said while the team was flat after an unacceptable effort, it would rebound against Port Adelaide next weekend.
"We had a good game against Port Adelaide last time we played up in Alice Springs (the Demons losing by 20 points in round 11) and I'm pretty sure the boys will take a bit of confidence out of that game coming into next week and hopefully we see a lift," Viney said.