FRESH show-cause notices have been issued to 34 past and present Essendon players.
Included with the notices are individually tailored summaries of evidence, alleging use of banned peptide Thymosin beta-4.
Each document runs approximately 350 pages, ASADA saying it's distributed 12,000 pages of evidence in total.
It is the first time players involved in the club's controversial 2012 supplements regime have been provided with detailed evidence.
"By providing the detailed ‘show-cause’ notices, it is ASADA’s intention to offer players every opportunity to respond to the allegations against them," ASADA said in a statement.
"Players have ten days from receipt of the notices to lodge a submission for consideration by the independent Anti-Doping Rule Violation Panel (ADRVP).
"It is ASADA’s expectation that the ADRVP will convene to consider each of the 34 matters in early November.
"Due to the complexity and volume of material this process may take longer than normal for appropriate deliberation."
The players now have 10 days to respond, but could waive that right by not responding, and ask for the matter to be heard directly by the AFL's anti-doping Tribunal.
"The players’ legal team will review the material in the coming days and discuss the contents with players, to determine what response, if any, they will provide in respect to these amended show cause notices," AFL Players Association chief executive Paul Marsh said.
Late on Friday, the AFL said it couldn’t comment on the latest development.

"ASADA’s formal process has been now been re-triggered and so it is not appropriate for the AFL to comment," an AFL spokesman said. 

The show-cause process had been delayed by a Federal Court trial into ASADA's investigation – which Essendon and coach James Hird lost.
Hird is appealing Justice John Middleton's ruling, against the wishes of the club and some of its players.
A one-day appeal hearing before three judges has been set for Monday, November 10.
The anti-doping watchdog had been seeking legal advice as to whether it could issue the new notices while the appeal process was underway.
"Notwithstanding James Hird’s appeal of the Federal Court decision, ASADA has agreed to a formal request by the legal team for the bulk of the players to expedite the ‘show cause’ notice process," ASADA said.