MELBOURNE has received a compensatory draft selection for Colin Sylvia just four picks after that of Hawthorn's for Lance Franklin as a result of the free agency compensation deliberations handed down by the AFL on Friday.
The Demons lost Colin Sylvia to Fremantle as an unrestricted free agent and received a second round pick as their compensation, which will be the 23rd overall.

Melbourne immediately traded the pick to Adelaide in return for midfielder Bernie Vince. 

Hawthorn lost Lance Franklin to the Sydney Swans and received a first round selection as compensation, but because the Hawks won the premiership, the selection comes after their first round selection and will be No.19 overall.
Collingwood also received a first round selection, which will be No.11 overall after Dale Thomas transferred to Carlton. The Blues won't receive a pick at all, with the AFL's compensation committee, chaired by football general manager Mark Evans, ruling that the net effect of gaining Thomas and losing Eddie Betts, means no compensation pick at all.
St Kilda's gamble in releasing Nick Dal Santo as a free agent to North Melbourne rather than as a trade appears to have paid off. The Saints will get pick 22 as a compensatory pick rather than North's pick 26, the likely outcome had there been a trade.
The AFL also ruled that neither Richmond for Matt White and Hawthorn for Xavier Ellis should receive picks because of their age and the terms of their new deals with Port Adelaide and West Coast respectively.
The Hawks felt they were shortchanged last year when they received just a third-round selection for Clinton Young and are more aggrieved this time around considering Franklin's standing as one of the superstars of the game and the almost-unprecedented 10-year contract Franklin signed with the Swans.
The Hawks made a submission to the AFL seeking special consideration given the unusual circumstances surrounding Franklin's departure. They will find it particularly irksome that in this regard, Sylvia is almost as valuable as their former superstar forward and Coleman medallist, and that they paid a heavy price for winning the premiership this year.
"We understand there are rules around free agency compensation, however we believe it is inequitable that compensation is linked to ladder position," said club chief executive Stuart Fox.

Reaction from the clubs that received compensation draft selections for the loss of a player in the 2013 Gillette Free Agency Period.
Collingwood - round one selection (Dale Thomas)
"The rules, as they stand, attempt to offset the loss of a free agent. That being the case, we believe the compensation to be adequate and appropriate." – Derek Hine, national recruiting manager.
Hawthorn – round one Selection (Lance Franklin)
"We understand there are rules around free agency compensation, however we believe it is inequitable that compensation is linked to ladder position." - CEO Stuart Fox.
Melbourne – round two Selection (Colin Sylvia)
The Demons quickly traded their pick No.23 to Adelaide for Bernie Vince, indicating they got what they expected.
St Kilda – round two Selection (Nick Dal Santo)
"While disappointed to see Nick leave St Kilda, we are pleased that compensation for his move will result in the Saints having four selections inside 25 at the 2013 AFL National Draft.
"This is a critical period of transition for the Saints player list and we remain determined to somehow secure three of those selections inside 20 as we strategically prepare for the upcoming draft." - Chris Pelchen, head of football.