FOR the firsttime there has been a three-way tie for the Harrison Medal, with TasmaniansKade Kolodjashnij and Toby Nankervis and Queensland's Liam Dawson sharing thehonour. 

The medal ispresented to the player voted the best of the Division Two competition, withthe three judged the standouts. 

Kolodjashnij'sconsistency throughout Tasmania's title-winning campaign was evident,particularly in the midfield and off half-back. 

He moves nicelyacross the ground, is the perfect size for a modern player and likes to sweepforward and impact the scoreboard, all traits which will likely see him pickedin the top 10 or so selections in November. 

Nankervis cameinto the championships wanting to prove himself as a prospect after failing toget drafted last year. 

The Tasmanianruckman did that, by working his way around the ground, picking up bigpossessions, shifting forward, and playing with more presence this year. 

Dawson is not eligiblefor the NAB AFL Draft until next year but impressed throughout the nationalcarnival. 

A mid-sizeddefender and AIS-AFL Academy member, the 17-year-old closes down on opponentsbut creates run too. Against Northern Territory on Thursday, Dawson had agame-high 24 disposals. 

Dawson was alsoawarded the Queensland most valuable player award, with Nankervis taking homethat mantle for Tasmania. 

Braedon McLean(Northern Territory) and Lloyd Perris (NSW/ACT) were judged their sides' mostvaluable players.

Callum Twomey is a reporter for the AFL website.Follow him on Twitter at @AFL_CalTwomey.