LEIGH Matthews has accused the Brisbane Lions’ board of using the club's website for 'propaganda and electioneering' in the lead-up to the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on November 13.

The four-time premiership winning coach told Gillette AFL Trade Radio on Friday that the reason for his recent Twitter activity was to question the current board's use of the club’s website as a medium to position themselves against the rival ticket - a ticket he is supporting.

"The people who are currently running the Brisbane Lions have got their website to send out their stuff," Matthews said.

"You might call it propaganda but I'll stick with electioneering. My question is should the club's website be used for electioneering purposes?"

Matthews joined forces with directors Mick Power and Paul Williams to create a rival ticket for the Lions’ board, due to his frustration over management of the club he coached for 10 seasons.

"The only reason I got involved is… I know there's a lot of people around the football fraternity that have been unhappy with the leadership of the Brisbane Lions’ board," Matthews said.

"My particular role [as a board member] would be to help as the football director, as the board member who was keeping an eye on what's going on in around the football department."

Matthews believes the raft of players wanting to leave the club is a clear indication of the problems within the walls of the Lions.

"You could argue that the exodus of the young players is one of the reasons for thinking things aren't right here," Matthews said.

"Now where do you start? You usually start at the top of the organisation.

"If you're the coach of the footy team and the footy team is not going well, the coach goes.

"If the club isn't operating well the chairman should be the first person to go and that's about where we see the Brisbane Lions."