IT HAD just gone 9pm last Saturday when Jeremy McGovern's temper boiled over as his West Coast teammates were being demoralised by their younger, hungrier Gold Coast opponents.

The star defender had punched Sun Alex Sexton in the face in a split-second rush of blood that was later deemed worthy of a one-game suspension by the AFL Tribunal.

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WATCH: McGovern's strike on Sexton

West Coast defender Jeremy McGovern has been charged by the MRO after striking Gold Coast forward Alex Sexton

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As the Eagles hierarchy watched their club's night unravel at Metricon Stadium, McGovern's replacement for this week's clash with Brisbane was completing an 8km running session on a golf course 600m from the arena. 

SUSPENDED, NOW SORE McGovern hurt in Eagles scratch match

"I was held over for the Gold Coast game (as emergency), so I didn't play the scratch match that afternoon with the Suns," defender Will Schofield told

"I came back and did a fartlek (session) by myself on a fairway they've turned into a bit of a training oval at about 9pm on Saturday night under lights.

"I'd never really done that before and there were a few boys who'd played during the day who were hanging out on the hotel balcony giving me a bit of friendly support.

"There could've even been some Fremantle players there as well, so it was quite an interesting experience."

Eagle Will Schofield launches a kick at training on the Gold Coast. Picture: Getty Images/AFL Photos

Schofield and the Eagles are nine days into a minimum four-week stay inside the AFL quarantine hub at the Royal Pines Resort when the premiership defender takes time out of his manic schedule juggling four businesses to chat ahead of the clash with Brisbane.

Situated in a different wing of the complex to their crosstown rival Fremantle, the Eagles have everything at their disposal to prepare for a crunch game against the Lions at the Gabba.

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Match Preview: Brisbane v West Coast

Sportsbet's Nathan Brown and Matthew Richardson preview the game between the Lions and the Eagles

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"The AFL, the club and Royal Pines have been fantastic… it's probably more convenient to get what you want when you're here," Schofield said.

"On reflection, we've trained a lot better (this week) than we did the first week we were here.

"There were a lot of changes going on but it's certainly no excuse, the performance was well under-par and Gold Coast played very well.

"We've trained with more purpose and more hunger and that's partly driven because you're here and in a footy hub and you don't have the releases, per se, from footy.

"It's definitely more footy-focused than you normally would be."

West Coast's Tom Hickey, Josh Kennedy, Tim Kelly and Jeremy McGovern run laps at training ahead of round three. Picture: Getty Images/AFL Photos

And the convenience certainly extends into the food options.

"Last week I was eating when I was hungry and what I wanted," Schofield said.

"It probably wasn't as realistic as it would be at home. Everything's buffet style, you can get stuck into whatever's on the menu.

"Instead of having one steak you have two steaks and you wouldn't ever have the opportunity to do that. I've tried to have one serve this week and that's it.

"Sleeping is another thing. I was on WA time (two hours behind) the first week or so but really forced myself to set an alarm and forced myself to go to bed at Queensland times.

"When you're on a normal away trip you can get away with being on WA time because you're there for two days and go home."

While many of his teammates jumped at the chance to surf or play golf when restrictions on players were eased this week, nothing changed for Schofield.

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HUB LIFE EXCLUSIVE: Eagle goes begging as Gaff tees off goes behind the scenes at the Queensland hub, as Eagles midfielder Andrew Gaff and his teammates play a round of golf.

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On a football-free day off on Thursday, the 31-year-old immersed himself in what he describes as his "side hustles".

With a morning wake-up FaceTime to wife Alex and son Nash (he missed his second birthday on Sunday) at home, Schofield heads next door to start his workday.

"I've got my normal hotel room then another room that's been gutted and turned into an office for me," he said.

"I was able to bring my desktop computer over and I lock in here most of the time I get when I'm not training or playing. It's given me a great outlet from footy."

"I did weigh up whether it was the best move for me individually (to come) on the trip because I've got a few side businesses even though footy is the main thing."

Schofield runs the backend for his wife's Perth-based pilates business, Studio Equilibre, and also plays a pivotal role in his in-laws' surfwear business, Nalu Surf Traders, that produces anything from wetsuits to lifejackets.

His latest start-up, web development company, controls webpages for both businesses, while most of time is consumed by his wine delivery service, Heroes And Comrades, run with premiership teammate Chris Masten that this week received a licence to go national.

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"We were delivering to people's doors until I was shut out of that due to the AFL restrictions," Schofield said.

"That's why I had considerations coming over here because our whole personal business model was that personalised wine and beer delivery to people's doors.

"Under the AFL restrictions I couldn't do a lot of my job."

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So has his decision to enter the hub as a fringe player on a one-year deal been justified by his selection for his first AFL game of the season?

"To be honest, I've released a little bit of that mental angst of selection," he said.

"I've been on the border of selection for my whole career and to a point it's taken a bit of a toll mentally because you're always fighting for your spot.

"Towards the backend of my career I just want to give my best chance of selection and I thought the best way would be to release angst and stop worrying about everything.

"I've definitely enjoyed my training this more probably more than any other.

I was definitely weighing up not even playing footy this year at AFL level when contract time came up last year.

- Will Schofield

"As an experienced player and having been around a long time, I understand my place.

"We've got some great young defenders in 'Gov' (McGovern) and 'TB' (Tom Barrass) and they're holding up some key-position spots and realistically, I'm a back-up.

"I'm just happy to be available."

The Eagles will remain on the Gold Coast until at least the end of round five, with coach Adam Simpson on Friday demanding a clearer picture for their return date.