North Melbourne's Ben Brown. Picture: AFL Photos

NORTH Melbourne forward Ben Brown's wife Hester has spoken about the "bittersweet" emotion of losing one of the babies she was due to give birth to in February.

In a message posted on Brown's Instagram account on Thursday, but in Hester's words, they announced her pregnancy but that she would welcome only one of her twins into the world.

They already have a 19-month-old daughter, Aila, and Brown told in July about the disruption of moving out of a COVID-19 hotspot and relocating to a Queensland hub.

"This is bittersweet to announce, but I believe that if we don't talk about difficult things we will never come to know that we aren't alone," Hester said in the post.

"I knew I had two babies from the very start. They came to me in a dream and I knew I could feel them there. The hyperemesis felt like an indication too.

"But between being relocated around the country several times and quarantine periods we didn’t get to hear a heartbeat or see our babies until there was just one to see.

"We are very grateful to have another beautiful baby join our family next year and we know that we are fortunate and will cherish what we have but we will also carry broken hearts for the beautiful twin who we will never hold in our arms. 

"I know that miscarrying/vanishing twins are common. But that doesn’t take the hurt away. And I just want to extend my love and my hand to anyone who has or is going through this. You are not alone."