THE AFL says there was not enough "definitive evidence" to overturn a controversial goal kicked by North Melbourne speedster Billy Hartung in Saturday night's two-point win over Sydney. 

The umpiring department has also ticked off on a goal kicked by Hawthorn's Tom Mitchell right on the three-quarter time siren of Saturday's win over Essendon. 

Hartung's opening-term goal looked to be touched off the boot by Swans veteran Jarrad McVeigh, but neither the field nor the goal umpire called for a review. 

As is the process with every goal, the score review official looked at the vision before play was restarted. 

However, despite the ball appearing to be touched, the goal was not overturned. 

A league spokesman told the vision was inconclusive. 

"There was not enough definitive evidence to overrule and change the decision in time before the restart of play, so the original decision stood."

In recent weeks the AFL's score review system has come under fire for taking too long and delaying games. 

AFL football manager Steve Hocking has asked score review officials to make decisions within 20-30 seconds or else defer back to the goal umpire's original decision.

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In the case of Mitchell's goal on the three-quarter time siren, the AFL says it was comfortable with the umpires giving the goal the all clear. 

"The rule states the umpire has to hear the siren to end the quarter. The siren was heard as the kick was taken, and as none of the umpires heard the siren before the kick, the kick stands as legal," the spokesman said.