TOM ROCKLIFF insists there’s no bad blood with North Melbourne great Brent Harvey, despite a mid-season spat that prompted an AFL investigation. 

Following a dramatic four-point win over the Kangaroos in June, Rockliff gave Harvey an earful as he celebrated victory.
Harvey returned fire, and when North Melbourne coach Brad Scott then had words with Rockliff on-field after the match, it suddenly became a raging inferno.
Rockliff later called Harvey to apologise and made a $1000 donation to charity.

The pair will become teammates in the upcoming Virgin Australia International Rules Series against Ireland but Rockliff said the incident will be put in the past when he joins Harvey in the test at Patersons Stadium on November 22.
"I don't think there's any bad blood at all," Rockliff told
"It wasn't ideal circumstances what happened, but I called and apologised to him and went over it and he said he was fine and looked forward to having a beer when we catch up.
"Hopefully we get an opportunity to have a beer with the group and have a laugh with it.
"I think everyone's moved on. I've never actually met him, but I don't think it'll come up to be honest.
"It happened, we've moved on. It's in the past now."
On the flip side, Rockliff will be opposed to Lions teammate Pearce Hanley in the one-off test. 
Hanley is the only AFL player chosen in Ireland's 25-man squad, and the first-time All Australian said he'll be treating him like any other player.
"Obviously you wouldn't want to take his head off or anything," Rockliff said.
"Hopefully I don't get on the end of a shirt-front or bump, but hopefully I can rub his head in the ground at one stage when we're out there."