COLLINGWOOD is remaining tight-lipped about the contract situation circling Adam Treloar as Trade Period opened on Wednesday.

Treloar, 27, has a hefty contract until the end of 2025, and the Magpies are under salary cap pressure.

The midfielder's partner Kim Ravaillion is a star netballer who has represented Australia, and has signed a contract with the Queensland Firebirds for next season. The couple have a seven-month old baby, Georgie.

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Pies' list boss addresses Treloar rumours and future

Collingwood list manager Ned Guy speaks to AFL Exchange on Trade Radio regarding Adam Treloar speculation

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Club list manager Ned Guy joined the AFL Exchange crew on Trade Radio on Wednesday after a week of silence from the Pies.

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"We're just working through a few things with Adam and his manager, Tim. I know there's been some conjecture as to when we were going to talk about it, but there's an agreement that we weren't going to play this one out publicly and through the media," Guy said.

"With personal circumstances and careers are being discussed, it's not often appropriate to make those discussions public until everyone agrees it's the appropriate time to do so."

Asked if Treloar will remain a Collingwood player in 2021, Guy was non-committal.

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"That all remains to be seen. They're on-going discussions," he said.

"Our last game this year demonstrated we do need to get better. We have an appetite to get back into this year's draft, which we rate very highly, and we've got Derek Hine who's great in talent ID, and we have an opportunity to get back in and have a strong draft hand."

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Published on last week reported young forward Jaidyn Stephenson – who still has three years remaining on his contract – had been placed on the trade table. 

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Asked if Stephenson would still be a Pie next year, Guy replied: "It remains to be seen, we need to get through Trade Period."


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In better news for Pie fans, fellow forwards Mason Cox and Brody Mihocek are much more likely to be at the club next year, with Guy confirming the latter had signed a three-year deal.

"[Cox] has hit a trigger for 2021, and we're in discussions looking beyond 2021 as well. There's a bit to play out there, we don't give a running commentary on those contracts," he said.

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"Like all clubs, we catch up with every other club when the season finishes through to now. We literally go through every single player on every single list, so his name came up, but as I said, we're in discussions with Mason beyond 2021 as well."

Ned Guy on:

Jordan De Goey
Set to sign a contract "hopefully sooner rather than later".

Melbourne forward Tom McDonald
"In Tom's case, we did a bit of homework there, but I don't think we'll go down that path."

Tom Phillips
With Josh Daicos' strong form on the wing, and the imminent return of Steele Sidebottom from personal leave, "it's more around a role discussion with 'Flip'".