THE AFL expects Essendon to front next Monday's Commission hearing, despite coach James Hird and the individuals charged for the club's supplements scandal being given extra time to present their cases.
While Hird, assistant Mark Thompson, football manager Danny Corcoran and Dr. Bruce Reid were granted an extension before facing the AFL Commission, League chief executive Andrew Demetriou said the Bombers had not yet applied for one.
"At this stage the only people who have requested the deferment have been the four individuals," Demetriou said on Tuesday.

"So, as yet as I stand here, we haven't heard if the Essendon Football Club has asked for the matter to be deferred."

Hird earns more time on charges
The League has remained hopeful the issue would be resolved by this year's finals campaign, but Demetriou said if the Bombers asked for the hearing to be postponed the AFL would accept that.
"The Commission meeting is still going ahead next Monday because ... we believe the Essendon Football Club will appear next Monday unless we hear otherwise," Demetriou said. 
"If they ask for an extension, of course, we don't see any reason why we wouldn't grant that."

Demetriou said it would be preferable to have the matter heard on Monday.

Last Tuesday, Hird, Thompson, Corcoran, Reid and the club were charged with engaging in conduct that is unbecoming or likely to bring the game into disrepute.
Speaking at the launch of the TAC's 'Wipe Off 5' weekend, Demetriou reiterated his view that the specifics of the charges would be released in the coming days.

"I think it's important to make those public, to be able to answer lots of questions and put to bed some of the misinformation that's out there," Demetriou said.

He would not shed any light on when the individuals would appear to argue their cases, saying it was a matter for the legal parties to discuss, and he downplayed the suggestion it would prolong the process.

"I understand why people might think that but everyone is entitled to prepare for a hearing. They're entitled to put their best foot forward," Demetriou said.

"It's not unusual [to seek more time] and I think it's appropriate if people want more time.

"There's lots of documents … if people need to prepare for that I think that's justifiable."

It is yet to be determined if the case will be an open hearing, which is at the discretion of AFL Commission chairman Mike Fitzpatrick.

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