PLENTY of Fantasy coaches love a knee jerk reaction. That is, trading out an under-performing player for someone who starred, only to see the roles reversed the following week.

While this might be true with round one scores heading into next week, this is the time to right some of your wrongs in Fantasy Classic.

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The priority is to make sure you have the best of the bash cows. Errol Gulden is a must-have in the midfield alongside Tom Powell and James Jordan. Be sure to grab James Rowe up forward and if you don’t have Matthew Flynn, lock him in (fitness pending).

It’s not just rookies who could be the must-haves.

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The Traders' round one Fantasy wrap

The fallout from the Matt Rowell injury is the hot topic this week

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You can find plenty of value in the forward line with the likes of Jaidyn Stephenson, Jye Caldwell and Nick Hind looking like they will well and truly outperform their starting prices.

Two of the most popular Fantasy Classic players will require trades this round. Matt Rowell (knee injury) and Patrick Dangerfield (suspension) are likely to miss and should be moved on. You can grab a straight up premium, or you can be clever with some cash grabbing to set you up for future rounds.

The Traders chat through all the issues out of round one and consider what trades should be made this week, including whether we should keep the faith with the rucks.

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In this week’s episode …

2:20 - Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat through their scores for the opening weekend.

4:45 - Nick Hind was impressive in his first hitout for the Bombers, racking up a ton.

8:00 - Plenty of players were disappointing in round one, including Calvin's midfield gun Andrew Gaff.

11:50 - Matt Rowell and Patrick Dangerfield are two popular picks who will have stints on the sidelines and therefore, are must-trades.

17:30 - The focus for your team this week is fix-it trades.

22:15 - Roy is looking at getting Jye Caldwell and Jaidyn Stephenson based on their impressive round one showings.

25:10 - After one week, the Bulldogs' midfielders look fine... but will this last?

27:50 - Rucks were an issue in round one with the big three - Max Gawn, Brodie Grundy and Reilly O'Brien - all scoring well-below their breakevens.

35:15 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

39:10 - Is Tom Mitchell back?

41:30 - New Sun Oleg Markov was one of the best defender scorers of the round. Is he a steal?

45:20 - Should we hold Jordan De Goey or look to move him on?

54:00 - Rookie roulette was back in full-force with everyone making a clanger or two with who to play on field.

55:30 - When should we use our trades during the rolling lockout?

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