New bidding system for father-sons, academies
Comment: Draft guru Callum Twomey has his say
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NORTHERN clubs Brisbane Lions, Gold Coast and the Sydney Swans are all in favour of the new academy bidding system.

Gold Coast recruiting manager Scott Clayton says it's an "ingenious" concept, that also allows clubs to go into points deficit to claim its academy or father-son players.

"It's vital part of the package that we end up with future picks (available to use) … so you get enough currency to pay your debt so to speak," Clayton said.

"It needs to be bidding on the night, so you know what players are available and what you're paying for.

"The whole thing is ingenious really."

Lions CEO Greg Swann says he's happy with the outcome.

"Hopefully now we can put this debate to bed and get on with it," Swann said.

"There's wins and losses in the whole thing, but I think overall it's pretty fair."

On Thursday night, one of the NSW-based clubs that boast an academy, the Sydney Swans, said they were pleased the new bidding system had been finalised well in advance of the draft.

"There is a great deal of detail in the new system and it is something that will take us some time to work through," general manager of football Tom Harley said in a statement.

"The club was supportive of a sliding discount scale - accepting the need to pay more to secure top end talent - (we) did not object to ‘live bidding’ during the national draft and the cub supported an equal system for academy and father-son selections.

"The club firmly believes that the academies are crucial to the development of the code in the northern states."