WHICH AFL coach is obsessed with Marvel movies?

On the latest episode of AFL Exchange, one senior coach's love for the superhero franchises is revealed. 

Plus, the team discuss Melbourne's rise and Collingwood's fall, St Kilda's most important player, how a '24/7' free agency mechanism could work and which players deserve early-season pay bonuses.  

Tune in to the latest podcast as co-hosts Cal Twomey, Riley Beveridge and Mitch Cleary discuss all the big footy news – and some of the not so big. 

In this episode...

1:45 – What's the secret behind Melbourne's golden start to the season?

6:15 – What's Collingwood's biggest problem it has to address?

10:30 – The ways we would reinvent the trade and free agency market.

15:00 – Who's had a better career – Josh Kennedy or Jack Riewoldt?

17:55 – This week's NAB AFL Rising Star is revealed on the show.

20:10 – 'Hang On A Second' returns for the first time in 2021.

24:00 – Who is St Kilda's most important player?

29:30 – Which AFL coach has an obsession with Marvel characters? 

32:05 – New segment 'Fletch's Big Question'.

35:30 – The guys discuss some of their most strange interview experiences.

38:45 – Which players deserve early season pay rises?

44:40 Mins
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