IT'S BEEN a year like no other with popular selections going down with injury (Matt Rowell through to Taylor Adams) and suspension (Patrick Dangerfield through to Caleb Daniel) and let's not start on some of our 'premiums' who have just forgotten how to football.

It's hard to believe the amount of carnage in just four weeks and it has left some coaches reeling. Just remember, you are good coaches, out of luck, and there are plenty of weeks left to turn your season around.

A big issue this week is whether or not to hold Caleb Daniel. It's always tough when a player cops a week suspension because holding premiums is often the smart play but after scoring 20 … is he a premium? On top of that, who would be your cover? The added problem this year in holding a player is the rolling team selections where it would be borderline impossible to cover a player omitted from your backline in the Sunday teams unless you hold trades in anticipation … And no one wants to do that.

Many coaches think Jordan Clark is walking a fine line and a constant cause of stress until named each week and once again he plays on Sunday.

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The Traders' round four Fantasy wrap

Roy and Warnie run through the talking points out of the weekend

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If you can't hold him, I like the idea of turning a negative into a positive by doing a cash grab to a value play like Hawk sensation Changkuoth Jiath and putting that money into fixing up an issue elsewhere on the ground, for example Jordan De Goey. If you need more cash than that to get to a star like Josh Dunkley, Power youngster Lachie Jones looked outstanding on debut and will serve as a great cash grab and cash cow. If you are going up, Jordan Ridley looks to be the man.

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The extreme cash grab isn't usually a move I would suggest from a 'premium' but it is a move I will need to consider if Matt Flynn doesn't return for the Giants, causing a complete restructure for my side.


  • Chad Warner (FWD, $408,000) +$74,000
  • Tex Walker (FWD, $626,000) +$68,000
  • Changkuoth Jiath (DEF, $501,000) +$57,000
  • Nik Cox (DEF/FWD, $353,000) +$54,000
  • Errol Gulden (MID, $467,000) +$53,000


  • Luke McDonald (DEF, $635,000) -$57,000
  • Will Setterfield (MID, $539,000) -$56,000
  • Peter Ladhams (RUC/FWD, $459,000) -$49,000
  • Caleb Daniel (DEF, $645,000) -$48,000
  • Lachie Hunter (MID, $748,000) -$46,000


  • Matt Flynn (RUC, $346,000) - 11
  • Chad Warner (FWD, $408,000) - 11
  • Miles Bergman (FWD, $227,000) - 5
  • Nik Cox (FWD/DEF, $353,000) - 3
  • Chris Burgess (DEF, $257,000) - 2


  • Tom Rockliff (MID, $818,000) 186
  • Luke McDonald (DEF, $635,000) 154
  • Dylan Shiel (MID, $722,000) 149
  • Stephen Coniglio (MID, $670,000) 148
  • Lachie Hunter (MID, $748,000) 147


Adam Treloar
MID, $720,000
After dropping $92,000 since moving to the kennel, the time is right to jump on the ball magnet who has made himself right at home. In the last two games his centre bounce attendances have been high and he has scored 106 and 127.

Reilly O'Brien
RUC, $681,000
After an awful two and a half games, it took some time in the middle after Jarrod Witts went down to kick start his season and he appears to be back. He had a massive game on the weekend playing a season high 94 per cent game time for 135 which included eight marks. He has a BE of 86.

Changkuoth Jiath
DEF, $501,000
What an absolute legend. CJ continued his awesome form against the Dockers with seven of his 12 mark coming via intercept for a score of 102. He has a break even of just 18 and is playing at a level where he could be locked in your team for the rest of the season.

Also consider:  Lachlan Sholl, Tom Mitchell, Brad Crouch.


Lachie Hunter
MID, $748,000
After being one of the top averaging players last year, the ball magnet has taken the biggest role hit since the addition of Adam Treloar and is averaging just 85 as a result. On a positive note, he will be a good chance to gain forward status.

Josh Kelly
MID, $724,000
Another accomplished midfielder who has had an extreme role change is Giant star, Kelly. His CBA's and time on the wing are well down on seasons past and his scoring reflects that but if he gains forward status, he will be a highly sought prospect, so hold fire.

Caleb Daniel
DEF, $645,000
As much as he deserves to be traded after one of the worst performances I have ever seen by an accomplished player scoring 20 points, not to mention his one week suspension… Actually, no, feel free to trade him and his 141 break even.

Also consider: Lachie Neale, Caleb Serong, Marcus Bontempelli.

Jordan DeGoey
FWD, $550,000
After an outstanding game in the pre-season playing as a midfielder, DeGoey has played predominantly forward and hasn't kicked enough goals to register a decent score as we saw on the weekend with an absolute shocker of 44. Trade ASAP.  

Zak Butters
FWD, $616,000
In a cruel blow for his owners, the young star was absolutely dominating against the Tigers early in the game before eventually succumbing to an injury on 83. Unfortunately it looks like it will keep him out for the foreseeable future and he will have to go.

Taylor Adams
MID, $752,000
Unfortunately for his five per cent of owners, the Pies ball magnet will have to go after injuring his knee. It will mean he is on the sideline for a number of weeks with an in form star like the Pig, Tom Mitchell looking like a ripe replacement.

Also consider:  Isaac Heeney, Paddy Dow, Jordan Clark.

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