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In today's episode ... Nat and Damo discuss West Coast, its away record, list profile, and wonder if the Eagles' premiership window has closed. 

Damo and Nat also put the spotlight on Nathan Buckley and the way he plays the media.


Damo reveals Dustin Martin's manager Ralph Carr gave it to him 'lock stock and barrel' for suggesting Dusty shouldn't be going to New Zealand, Port's prison bars are also one the menu, and there's heaps more.


In this episode ... 

0:29 - West Coast's travel issues

1:33 – Is the Eagles' list too old?

3:50 - Is their premiership window closing?

6:14 - Nathan Buckley's fascinating media presentation

7:51 - Will Collingwood renew Bucks' contract?

10:08 - The Port Adelaide prison bar jumper debate

11:49 - Fallout to Damo's views on Dusty travelling to NZ