AS MUCH as I hate to say it, it’s time to start factoring in the byes when considering trade options.

Ideally, your team will be heavier in the back end to allow you to target upgrades coming off rounds 12 and 13.

That certainly adds life expectancy in our teams for the likes of young guns like James Jordon (MID, $471,000) and Chad Warner (FWD/MID, $516,000) who have their bye in round 14, which on paper, would be the best time to offload them to a premium coming off one of the first two byes.

Lots of good teams are heavy in the round 12 bye, so keep an eye on it and balance your team accordingly.

Round 12: Roos, Suns, Giants, Power, Cats, Hawks
Round 13:
Tigers, Dogs, Eagles, Lions, Blues, Bombers
Round 14:
Crows, Saints, Swans, Pies, Dockers, Demons

As we rejoice the return of Thursday night team selections, well at least for 17 of the clubs, many coaches are already having their hands forced with the news that popular selections Jaidyn Stephenson (FWD, $591,000) and Shai Bolton (FWD/MID, $652,000) will be missing due to injury and need to be traded.

Value picks such as Connor Rozee (FWD, $495,000) and James Harmes (DEF, $515,000) via DPP look like great patch up jobs.

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The Traders' round eight Fantasy wrap

Aaron Hall delivered the goods, could James Harmes be the value play this week?

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  • Aaron Hall (DEF/FWD, $633,000) +$50,000
  • Jacob Weitering (DEF, $570,000) +$47,000
  • Jordon Sweet (RUC, $244,000) +$44,000
  • Charlie Cameron (FWD, $420,000) +$43,000
  • Tom Cameron (FWD/RUC, $349,000) +43,000


  • Taylor Walker (FWD, $547,000) -$69,000
  • Patrick Naish (MID, $332,000) -$55,000
  • Dustin Martin (FWD/MID, $590,000) -$47,000
  • Nick Vlastuin (DEF, $516,000) -$44,000
  • Shaun Higgins (MID, $572,000) -$43,000
Adelaide's Taylor Walker celebrates a goal against Gold Coast in round three, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos


  • Jordon Sweet (RUC, $244,000) - 12
  • Riley Collier-Dawkins (MID, $232,000) - 10
  • Ryan Byrnes (MID, $240,000) - 10
  • Nick Bryan (RUC, $195,000) - 4
  • Matthew Owies (FWD, $223,000) - 1


  • Tom Rockliff (MID, $818,000) 191
  • Luke McDonald (DEF, $635,000) 157
  • Dylan Shiel (MID, $722,000) 155
  • Stephen Coniglio (MID, $670,000) 155
  • Taylor Adams (MID, $752,000) 152


James Harmes
DEF, $515,000
The hard nosed Dee made a successful return from injury, and in the role we wanted to see, spending plenty of time in the middle. He had 31 touches and seven tackles on his way to 100. This gives him a break even of just 44, he has the bonus of a round 14 bye and is in the mix for the Rollin’ 22 defenders.

Caleb Daniel
DEF, $573,000
The creative Dog has officially bottomed out in price following a $2K price drop after scoring 92 against the Blues. He was saved by a huge last quarter where he returned to the back half following a failed move forward for the first three quarters. He now carries a BE of just 75.

Connor Rozee
FWD, $495,000
After a shaky start to the year marred by injury, the young gun appears to be hitting his straps and his BE of just 35 suggests the time is right to bring him in. His season high 105 in the Showdown leaves him with a three game average of 86. Bargain.

Also consider: James Worpel, Aaron Hall, Caleb Poulter.

Caleb Daniel of the Bulldogs celebrates a goal during round two, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos


James Jordon
MID, $471,000
The mature age Dee is making the most of the opportunities that have opened up in the midfield and his scoring has reflected that with 91 and 95 the past two weeks which gives him a BE of  just 30. He is a tackling machine, recording 15 the past two weeks which is great for job security.

Chris Burgess
DEF/RUC, $327,000
The under sized ruck isn’t setting the world on fire but he continues to keep the scores ticking over and more importantly, as we approach the byes he keeps getting a game. He has a BE of just 35 which will also ensure more growth.

Chad Warner
MID/FWD, $516,000
The popular Swan has been outstanding this season, averaging 78 to go with a price increase of $320. Now although his scoring and price increases have slowed, he has the valuable round 14 bye and a great matchup this week against the Pies which are both incentives to hold.

Also consider: Patrick Cripps, Dan Houston, Bailey Smith.

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NAB AFL Rising Star: James Jordon lights up round eight

Watch the highlights and find out why James Jordon gets the NAB AFL Rising Star R8 nom

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Taylor Walker
FWD, $547,000
If you didn’t offload the Crows big forward last week, his score of 20 in the Showdown all but confirms that trading him out needs to be a priority. His price dropped a total of $69K following that effort and he now carries a BE of 148 into this week's match up against the Eagles.

Errol Gulden
FWD/MID, $460,000
The Swan young gun has done his job and it’s time to move him on before his price continues to drop. It looks like he could do with a rest in the near future after collecting just nine possessions and taking no marks for a season low 44. He has a BE of 88 leading into this week's game.

Deven Robertson
MID/FWD, $345,000
The Lion youngster is going to be a gun in the future but as of now, could be used as part of an upgrade trade to a fallen premium. He has scored just 44 and 36 the past two weeks while playing under 70 per cent game time on both occasions.

Also consider: Zac Williams, Lachie Fogarty, Adam Saad.

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