ROSS Lyon has confirmed Fremantle met with Demon James Frawley last weekend and is considering trying to poach the out-of-contract defender. 

Just two days after the Dockers' season ended with a second consecutive finals defeat, Lyon was upfront about Frawley's trip to Perth to meet with the Dockers and visit the facilities at Fremantle Oval.
Frawley, who has played 139 matches with Melbourne over eight seasons, will soon become an unrestricted free agent.

Frawley has been linked with a move to Geelong but Lyon told 6PR on Monday night that Fremantle was also keen to swoop.
"We've got a responsibility to explore free agency and there was certainly a meeting [with Frawley]," Lyon said.
"I wouldn't want to go into any more detail than that. I think the world knows that occurred.
"We're exploring all options. But it's got a long way to play out I'd suggest."

When asked about a reported seven-year deal Fremantle offered to Frawley, Lyon replied: "I don't deal with innuendo and hearsay, because it's ridiculous. I feel like I've answered that.”
The Dockers coach made no secret of the fact that his club is in need of more key defenders and key forwards.

But Lyon said convincing Frawley to continue his career in Perth wouldn't be an easy thing.

"I think you'd be naive to think that the travel factor isn't a consideration (for players)," he told Perth radio station 6PR.

"You have to get on the bird for a minimum of three-and-a-half hours every second week.

"There's a price that goes with that, a loading if you like, to compete with the eastern clubs.

"We'd love the WA sons to come home, that's a focus going forward for us. But it is difficult.

"At the end of the day we back our environment and leaders. We are going to have a new $107 million facility which will help us be the club that appeals.

"But our record of growing people on and off the field is even more important than that."
The Dockers have previously made pitches at several key forwards throughout the competition to try to lure them to Fremantle. They traded for Scott Gumbleton last year but the former Bomber failed to play a game before retiring a fortnight ago. 

They also made an unsuccessful bid for then-Lion Mitch Clark before he crossed to Melbourne in 2011. 
Fremantle's play for Frawley is understandable given the Dockers could potentially lose veteran defender Luke McPharlin to retirement. The 32-year-old is yet to make a decision on whether he will play on in 2015.
Lyon said there have been no discussions with McPharlin yet.
"It's been inappropriate and it hasn't been needed," Lyon said.
"At the right time, I don't even know when that is, we'll sit down and discuss Luke's future."
Lyon said the 2012 All Australian will be given all the respect he deserves but suggested the decision would not be entirely in his hands.
"He'll have the majority say in it," Lyon said.
"He certainly wouldn't have final say but he'll have the majority say. But certainly from my point of view he's been an incredible player since I've been at the club.
"So he'll get all the respect and opportunity and time he needs and deserves."
The Fremantle players left the club on Monday following their final medical checks. Lyon said there was no need for exit interviews as the players receive weekly feedback.
The club will not make any immediate list management decisions.
"We haven't released anyone," Lyon said.
"That's a work in progress. There's certainly plenty of time for those conversations."
The coach said it was unlikely the Dockers would make wholesale list changes.
"There'll be no aggressive cull with us," Lyon said.