FORMER Australian netball coach Lisa Alexander is confident she would be up to the job of leading Collingwood's men's team despite her lack of experience in the AFL.

The Magpies are hunting for a successor to Nathan Buckley after the favourite son parted ways with the club in June.

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Alexander was knocked back for the North Melbourne coaching position last year, eventually filled by David Noble, but remains unperturbed in her desire to move into AFL ranks.

She explained good coaches can transcend sport and is certain outgoing Hawthorn mentor Alastair Clarkson has used strategies from other sports in his time with the Hawks.

"I can tell you Clarkson has definitely used basketball views and techniques around area defence, which everyone has to do," Alexander told SEN.

"I know there is an applicability between netball and football.

"And having grown up playing and watching football myself, I am embedded in the game.

"I don't see that as a barrier for me to be able to coach Collingwood."

Alexander coached the Diamonds from 2011 until March last year, when her contract was not renewed by Netball Australia, despite boasting an 81 per cent winning record.

In a wide-ranging interview on Wednesday, Alexander expressed her disappointment in the fact there will be no female coaches in the AFLW next year.

Former St Kilda and North Melbourne champion Nick Dal Santo was on Monday announced as the Saints' new AFLW coach, replacing Peta Searle.

"The AFL are not doing enough. They almost need to bring in a quota system to actually force the clubs to put in women head coaches for the AFLW," Alexander said.

"Because if you don't do that then clubs will continue making excuses after excuses.

"It happens in corporate Australia, it happens in our political area and only 10 per cent of our Olympic coaches are women.

"The old boys' network is working overtime and you can see that from the outside because that's how it operates."