DAVID Teague says Carlton hasn't "nailed" the process of an external review into its football department, revealing he wished club officials had come to his support in the wake of recent speculation regarding his future.

The Blues made it clear at the start of the high-profile review that it would not provide a running commentary on the matter, though conjecture regarding Teague's position hasn't gone away since the process was launched in June.

It culminated in former St Kilda and Fremantle coach Ross Lyon publicly putting his hat into the ring for a Carlton job that is not yet vacant on Wednesday night, with Teague suggesting those comments came at his surprise.

If an opportunity arose – and I say that with the greatest respect – and if they rang me, I'd entertain it

- Ross Lyon

"Well, I'm contracted for 2022," Teague said on Thursday.

"I'm planning for that. I still believe I'm the person to go forward. Unless he knows something that I don't know, then I'm going to continue to plan to be the coach next year."

Teague, who is yet to see the findings of the review after they were revealed to the club's board late last week, said he has only had "some communication" with new president Luke Sayers in the wake of last Thursday night's meeting.

Luke Sayers is the new president of the Carlton Football Club. Picture: carltonfc.com.au

He also conceded that the energy of the football department "has been challenged" by the process of the review, saying he wished the club had provided more support as headlines surrounding his future continued.

"I understand the review process," Teague said.

"At times, there has been some media and some journalism that's just not true. Would I have loved some people from within the club to come out and back me up? Absolutely, I'm not going to lie.

"Have we nailed the process? I don't think so. I think that's clear and I think everyone would put their hand up to that. But in terms of the why, the desire is to get Carlton back to being really good footy team. I understand that and I desperately want that.

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"I want to be part of that and I believe I can be part of that. There's a group of players down there that will have success, they are going to have success. We're doing some things right, but we've got to get better.

"There's lot of areas we've got to get better. Our stoppage work is just not good enough at the moment, our defence hasn't been consistent enough. We've showed periods where we've nailed our game style, but too often we haven't been able to nail it consistently.

"There's a lot of growth in this footy club and we've got to do the hard work. We've got to dig in and get that done. That will take us to where we need to get to and that's being a good team again."

Earlier this week, Lyon – who left Fremantle in 2019 – publicly stated that he would take a call from Carlton's board to coach the club next season, saying he had "famous" Blues people in his corner.

"Yeah, I have shifted a little bit," Lyon told Channel Nine on Wednesday night. 

Ross Lyon addresses the players during a match between St Kilda and Fremantle at Marvel Stadium in 2019. Picture: AFL Photos

"It didn't end super well at Fremantle, although I felt I coached really well in that last year. We were fifth or sixth on the ladder with seven wins and five losses and we fell away. I looked at some of the vision and I looked about 800, so why would you go back into it?

"But it did stimulate my thinking. If an opportunity arose – and I say that with the greatest respect – and if they rang me, I'd entertain it.

"But I also understand that I haven't got tickets on myself. It's a red-hot field and Alastair Clarkson is available. Me, with all of the intelligence that I have within the marketplace, I think that they'll speak to Alastair at the right time … which is next week.

Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson hugs Sam Frost after the round 22 win at University of Tasmania Stadium on August 14, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

"Certainly, I'd take the call and I'd consider it. I am aware there's enough famous Carlton people that are advocating in a sense because they've worked with me and they know me personally and understand their club."

Lyon also revealed that it was his belief four-time premiership coach Alastair Clarkson, who will leave Hawthorn after Saturday's clash with Richmond, would be the favourite for any potential coaching vacancy at Carlton.

"I've said that if I was the Carlton board and I could get Alastair Clarkson, I don't think you could go past that," Lyon said.

"If the measure is premiership cups, there is no decision. If you've got other metrics … sometimes it's chemistry. You can get a head-hunter ring you and you go for the job, but if you haven't got that chemistry then it shouldn't happen."