JONATHAN Brown is not bothered by criticism of his form and insists he still has plenty to offer the Brisbane Lions.

The champion forward plays his 250th game against Richmond on Thursday night, but has not been exempt from scrutiny after a winless opening month for the Lions.

Brown has averaged 10 disposals per match, taken 18 marks, and significantly, kicked seven goals.

In the past fortnight when the Lions have been battered by both Gold Coast and Port Adelaide, he has struggled to a total of 13 touches and one goal.

Brown, 32, had foot surgery last August and had ongoing problems that limited his pre-season, but said there were no excuses.

"Of course the easy excuse is to say he's old and buggered – gone - and all that sort of stuff," Brown said before a light skills session at the Gabba on Tuesday morning.

"I'll tell you what, there's been plenty of key forwards in the comp that I've seen that have been struggling to kick goals in the first four weeks of the season as well.

"You don't see the "too old" headlines when they're 25 years old and not kicking goals.

"It's an easy excuse but it'll never worry me. I can't find any white flags in my back pocket yet, so you definitely won't see them."

On goalkicking numbers alone, Brown has kicked the same as Lance Franklin and easily outstripped Travis Cloke, who has managed just two.

He is also doing it with much less supply.

The Lions are ranked last in the competition for inside 50s, averaging just 40 per match.

Despite a raft of injuries robbing the Lions of their elite talent, Brown said he still expected to earn his spot on merit.

He said he had no regrets about playing on this season and was enjoying his footy as much as ever, despite the odd frustration.

"You don't move around the field like you did when you were in the prime of your career," he said.

"I love competing against the opposition and passing on my knowledge to the younger fellas."

He said he needed to contribute on the scoreboard, but in other areas in his remaining time – which he put no limit on – at the club.
"We're in a development stage, that's for sure.

"We knew we needed luck with injuries to key players and we've had the complete opposite. That's the hand we've been dealt. You don't crawl into a hole and put the white flag up.

"I definitely want to help the club in the development phase and hopefully, not be part of the next premiership, but help the younger fellas.
"I'm looking forward to the next two- or three-month period when we show our real character when we've got our backs against the wall."

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