TWO WEEKS out from the NAB AFL Draft and it is time for a mock draft.

This week's episode of Road to the Draft podcast features a mock draft of the first round of selections based on each club's needs for those picks.

CAL TWOMEY'S OCTOBER FORM GUIDE 35 top draft prospects ranked

The choices are picked by's Cal Twomey and AFL national talent ambassador Kevin Sheehan as they discuss each club's priorities and where this year's draft talent fits in.

Who should the Giants grab? What's Hawthorn's play? Where should the bids come? What do the Tigers need? All the big questions are answered in the annual mock draft podcast.

Tune in for the latest in the world of the draft, trade and player movement space as draft prospects, club list managers and recruiters join Road to the Draft for exclusive interviews.

This week's episode guide…

3:00 – Why everyone is looking at the midfielders in this year's draft class.

6:30 – The mock draft kicks off.

11:30 – The big call facing the Giants with their early choice.

17:00 – Who could appeal for the Dockers' pair of top-10 picks?

21:45 – The recruiters who would have been 'ducking for cover' about an emerging talent.

28:30 – Where the Lions could focus with their hand of first-round selections.

33:45 – The Jack Gunston-type who will appeal to clubs in the top 20.

37:00 – The athletic option who could be a bargain get for clubs.

39:00 – The 'running machine' brother of an emerging AFL player who should be considered on the cusp of the first round.

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