THE WESTERN Bulldogs got the chance to exact some revenge on Thursday night.

After the club was forced to match a premium bid at pick No.2 from fierce rivals Greater Western Sydney for father-son gun Sam Darcy in the NAB AFL Draft's first round, it then got some payback 24 hours later.

With the Giants' own Academy prospect Josh Fahey slipping down the order, the Dogs were the club to force them to eventually match a bid at pick No.42 as the AFL's newest rivalry wrote its latest cheeky chapter.

The attempts to lure Darcy and Fahey elsewhere were among multiple Academy and father-son bids placed across the draft's two nights, with every single one matched by the clubs who had first rights over their respective prospects.

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Dogs snap up Darcy in anticipated father-son selection

The Bulldogs match the Giants' bid to make Sam Darcy the second selection in the 2021 NAB AFL Draft

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Darcy was one of two father-son players to earn bids during the draft's first round, with Gold Coast also making Collingwood match a bid at pick No.4 for its talented father-son star Nick Daicos.

St Kilda matched a bid from Sydney at pick No.33 to secure Next Generation Academy midfielder Mitchito Owens, while also matching Geelong's bid at pick No.47 to snare fellow Academy graduate Marcus Windhager.

The AFL's new rules on NGA bidding meant that Melbourne didn't have access to its Academy star Mac Andrew, given Gold Coast captured the 200cm ruckman inside the top-20 selections at pick No.5.

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It was a similar story for Fremantle, who could only match a bid on NGA small forward Jesse Motlop if it came after the draft's top-40. That didn't eventuate, with Carlton making a play for the goalkicking West Australian at pick No.27.

The Dockers had better news when it came to their other NGA member Eric Benning, taking the versatile 196cm ruck-forward with their last selection at pick No.54 after a bid from a rival club never arrived on the draft's second night.

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North Melbourne (Jackson Archer at pick No.59), Port Adelaide (Jase Burgoyne at pick No.60) and Melbourne (Taj Woewodin at pick No.65) did similar with their own father-son prospects late in the draft.

Richmond, once nicknamed 'Bidmond' by rival club recruiters, remains the AFL's biggest bidders on father-son and Academy prospects from elsewhere. They have produced nine bids in seven years since the AFL's new bidding system began in 2015.

Brisbane, Fremantle, Port Adelaide, St Kilda and West Coast have all produced one bid each.


*Denotes a successful bid

Richmond: 9 bids (4 successful)

Matthew Kennedy (Pick 13, 2015)
Eric Hipwood (Pick 14, 2015)
Bailey Rice (Pick 49, 2015)
Ryan Garthwaite (Pick 72, 2016)*
Connor McFadyen (Pick 42, 2018)
Noah Cumberland (Pick 43, 2019)*
William Martyn (Pick 44, 2019)*
Bigoa Nyuon (Pick 54, 2019)*
Josh Eyre (Pick 39, 2020)

North Melbourne: 6 bids (3 successful)

Corey Wagner (Pick 43, 2015)*
Declan Watson (Pick 34, 2016)*
Callum Brown (Pick 35, 2016)
Josh Williams (Pick 36, 2016)*
Finn Maginness (Pick 29, 2019)
Connor Downie (Pick 35, 2020)

Essendon: 6 bids (2 successful)

Jack Silvagni (Pick 53, 2015)
Kobe Mutch (Pick 42, 2016)*
Irving Mosquito (Pick 38, 2018)*
Keidean Coleman (Pick 37, 2019)
Brandon Walker (Pick 50, 2020)
Maurice Rioli jnr (Pick 51, 2020)

Western Bulldogs: 5 bids (1 successful)

Ben Keays (Pick 24, 2015)
Josh Dunkley (Pick 25, 2015)*
Cody Brand (Pick 53, 2020)
Joel Western (Pick 54, 2020)
Josh Fahey (Pick 42, 2021)

Adelaide: 5 bids (0 successful)

Harrison Himmelberg (Pick 16, 2015)
Harry Perryman (Pick 14, 2016)
Tarryn Thomas (Pick 8, 2018)
Will Kelly (Pick 29, 2018)
Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (Pick 1, 2020)

Carlton: 4 bids (1 successful)

Will Setterfield (Pick 5, 2016)
Harrison Macreadie (Pick 47, 2016)*
Liam Henry (Pick 9, 2019)
Tom Green (Pick 10, 2019)

Greater Western Sydney: 4 bids (0 successful)

Nick Blakey (Pick 10, 2018)
Isaac Quaynor (Pick 13, 2018)
Reef McInnes (Pick 23, 2020)
Sam Darcy (Pick 2, 2021)

Sydney: 4 bids (0 successful)

Jack Bowes (Pick 10, 2016)
Isaac Cumming (Pick 20, 2016)
Jackson Mead (Pick 25, 2019)
Mitchito Owens (Pick 33, 2021)

Melbourne: 3 bids (0 successful)

Callum Mills (Pick 3, 2015)
Matthew Flynn (Pick 41, 2015)
Rhylee West (Pick 26, 2018)

Geelong: 3 bids (0 successful)

Bailey Scott (Pick 49, 2018)
Errol Gulden (Pick 32, 2020)
Marcus Windhager (Pick 47, 2021)

Hawthorn: 2 bids (1 successful)

Matthew Walker (Pick 63, 2018)*
Braeden Campbell (Pick 5, 2020)

Collingwood: 2 bids (0 successful)

Lachie Jones (Pick 16, 2020)
Blake Coleman (Pick 24, 2020)

Gold Coast: 2 bids (0 successful)

Jacob Hopper (Pick 7, 2015)
Nick Daicos (Pick 4, 2021)

Brisbane: 1 bid (0 successful)

Jarrod Cameron (Pick 39, 2018)

Fremantle: 1 bid (0 successful)

Connor Ballenden (Pick 43, 2017)

Port Adelaide: 1 bid (0 successful)

Tyler Brown (Pick 50, 2017)

St Kilda: 1 bid (0 successful)

Patrick Naish (Pick 34, 2017)

West Coast: 1 bid (0 successful)

Kieren Briggs (Pick 34, 2018)