IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Nathan Schmook and Sarah Black dissect the lists of both the Blues and the Bombers, and look at what to expect from these teams in 2022.


- Conservative recruiters: 'They're getting a bit spooked by all that action early in the draft'
- Carlton list summary: 'The Blues aren't quite as young as you'd expect from a developing side'
- Why they need to make finals now
- Bombers' list summary: The draft gun who's going to come in and have 'a big impact pretty quickly'
- 'There's some experience going out the door, but I don't think the Bombers are going to miss it too much'

In this episode ...

0:28 – Were recruiters being conservative this off-season?

2:58 – Carlton's lean draft run in recent years

4:33 – A look at the senior players leaving Ikon Park this summer

5:25 – The young gun who isn't going to be held back

7:32 – Essendon's list is taking shape

8:53 – The impact Ben Hobbs could have on the Bombers' midfield

10:32 – The players departing Essendon

11:42 – 'They've brought in a fair bit of pace'