TAYLOR Adams' manager Winston Rous has admitted that Collingwood is well placed to secure the 20-year-old midfielder from Greater Western Sydney, but says Geelong remains very keen to get him.

However he said Adams' future home was very much dependent on what the Giants think is a fair and reasonable deal.

"What's really important is finding a suitable trade for GWS that satisfied them, so it's still a bit open and not as defined as we'd like it to be," Rous told Gillette Trade Radio.

Collingwood is expected to receive a first round compensation pick for losing Dale Thomas to free agency, which would leave them with picks 10 and 11.

It also has defender Heath Shaw contemplating an offer from the Giants and Geelong. If he decided to go to the Giants he would become part of the negotiations for Adams.

The Giants are expected to want a good return for the 20-year-old who was taken at pick No.13 in the 2011 AFL National Draft.

"You can only have a certain amount of talented draft picks. You do need to get some mature bodies in there with some leadership and some games of experience," Rous said.

He said if a deal is to be struck with the Giants, discussions might have to wait until compensation picks are decided on October 18. He said that he thought pick 11 might be fair value for Adams.

"It's all about satisfying the Giants, and it certainly just strengthens Collingwood's position, having potentially two first-round picks as well as Heath Shaw in play," Rous said.

Adams hails from Geelong and although Cats Football manager Neil Balme refused to enter into speculation when asked by SEN on Wednesday about the prospect of getting Adams, he admitted he was a talented, aggressive player.

Geelong currently has pick 15 in the draft and may be able to put together a package of players to tempt Greater Western Sydney.