AFL PLAYERS' Association (AFLPA) president Patrick Dangerfield has reignited debate around a mid-season trade period, claiming it would "invigorate" the competition during down periods.

And despite misgivings from AFL football operations boss Brad Scott, the Geelong superstar believes the additional exchange window could be introduced within two years.

"I'd love to see, at some stage, mid-season trading come in," Dangerfield said on SEN.

"We see it in other codes globally, it certainly adds another layer of intrigue.

"I don't necessarily buy the argument the art of list management (will suffer), I think it adds to the challenge of list management if we were to add a layer of mid-season trading in.

"It's not something that we've engaged in a huge amount of discussion around as a PA, simply because there's been so much on.

"I think broadly we'd be open to it."

Patrick Dangerfield gets a handball away under pressure from Karl Amon during the R10 clash between Geelong and Port Adelaide on May 21, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Scott last month said he is not sure the AFL industry and fans are "ready" for players to be moving from one club to another midway through a season.

Clubs also have concerns around players taking with them intellectual property and game strategies.

Dangerfield suggested a mid-season trade period will be a hot topic on the agenda as talks ramp up between the League and players around the next collective bargaining agreement.

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"There is a lot to work through, but there are some pretty interesting and exciting opportunities that could provide a real spark to the game," Dangerfield said.

"(I have got) no doubt the League will have had serious discussion around it.

"There will be clubs that will support it and there will be clubs that will question it."

Jack Steele tackles Patrick Dangerfield despite an injured shoulder in the St Kilda v Geelong game, R9, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

Dangerfield said a mid-season trade period would never be perfect in operation, noting some players would have to weigh up taking AFL opportunities at the expense of uprooting their families.

But the former Adelaide midfielder, who received his wish to be traded to Geelong at the end of the 2015 season, said the exchange window could spark further interest in the competition.

"There are times throughout the season when it does feel a little bit like groundhog day and I think there is a window to invigorate the season, potentially, with introducing something like this," Dangerfield said.

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"When it comes to trading, everyone can win. It's not like the Grand Final where only one team wins each season.

"When it comes to trading and drafting, you can sell it any which way as a club.

"I see there being plenty of good stuff to potentially come out of it and not too many negatives.

"It will never be perfect but I see it as a mechanism to improve the game and provide opportunities for other players, which I think is a good thing."