THE COUNTDOWN is on. There’s only eight weeks left in the home-and-away season; four rounds of regular head-to-head matches and four Fantasy final rounds.

As coaches build their ‘completed’ teams, they should keep an eye on the fixture as they’re making their moves. Touk Miller looks to be a must-have as he plays three of the easiest teams in the last month.

Value players are still a necessary part of the Fantasy Classic game.

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Luke Jackson was the most traded in player last week and he delivered. Playing the third-year Demon while Max Gawn is out was a masterstroke last week. Harry Himmelberg playing as a defender has been an epic inclusion. Not only has he averaged 126 since his bye, he’s added $232,000 of value with more to come with a breakeven of just 41.

The Traders help you manage your moves this week on the latest episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast.

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In this week’s episode …

2:00 - Technology has been an issue for the boys this week!

6:00 - Even though Braydon Preuss didn't play, he gets the -3 for Calvin and Warnie.

9:15 - Can we get a decent captain score anytime soon?

11:05 - Luke Jackson's score of 125 is celebrated.

13:30 - Roy launched into getting Harry Himmelberg and was happy with his inclusion.

16:00 - How many points do you need to have if you want a top 100 hat?

18:20 - All the news of the week including the pending Tom Stewart suspension.

22:20 - With Max Gawn back soon, when do we trade Jackson?

27:00 - Magoos news.

29:20 - If Stewart owners should go to the top with Sam Docherty the best option and Jordan Dawson second.

35:00 - How to cope with the returning rucks.

38:30 - Popular trades and The Traders' round 16 moves.

41:55 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

45:30 - Advice is to bring in Marcus Bontempelli as a forward over Mitch Duncan, but Roy believes Himmelberg is still in play.

50:20 - Consider Tom Liberatore as a FWD option as he's averaging 108 in his last three.

54:40 - Cam Guthire or Christian Petracca?

58:00 - How do you plan ahead with just eight weeks left?

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