JOEL Selwood has been cleared to line up in Geelong’s season opener against Melbourne after umpires decided not to report him over a clash which saw the fearless Cat sent from the field during Saturday night’s second Virgin Australia International Rules Test in Perth.

Selwood was shown a black card just before half-time and collecting Irishman Chris Barrett high.

That meant he was sent off for the rest of the match and the umpires conferred after the game to decide whether it was serious enough to be referred to a Tribunal. 

However, after viewing video, they ruled that Selwood had no further case to answer. 

Irish coach Joe Kernan lauded Australia's skills and spirit but was upset at some of the decisions from the officials. 

Kernan said Nat Fyfe, who ended up being a match-winner again, should have been sent off in the third quarter after a collision with Aidan O'Shea. 

"That forearm charge by Fyfe on Aidan O’Shea … that was a dangerous tackle, a forearm charge. I don’t know what the rule, is but in our country it's a sending off," Kernan said. 

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"If somebody charges you and hits you under the chin with a forearm, that’s a dangerous tackle and a sending off." 

Kernan was also unhappy at the treatment dished out to key forward Michael Murphy, who was held to two overs.

"There were a few incidents, Michael Murphy was tortured the whole game and never got no protection," he said. 

"Last week there was three easy frees given against our backs in the first quarter for fouling. I don’t know what the difference is between somebody being fouled or tackled off the ball." 

But Kernan stressed that the umpiring didn’t cost his team victory, blaming it instead on turnovers in the second half as Australia surged home. 

"We had the game in the power of our hands in the last quarter and we are disappointed that we lost it when the game was there for the taking," he said.